Why I started SingOut Singing School Melbourne 

After working with an amazing singing school in Melbourne for 10 years, I felt that I need to move on.

This singing school in Melbourne was very well known in Melbourne and was excellent in helping you feel confident to perform like an expert.

This singing school in Melbourne encouraged their students to be positive and to give lots of emotion on stage.

With this constant training and influence, I personally became a powerful performer on stage and felt inspired and on purpose.   I was no longer shy or limiting myself as a performer.

After a while I became a singing teacher at this singing school in Melbourne and trained my students to do the same.  I helped many students who lacked confidence and presence to step up to the stage, hold a microphone and sing.

The reason why I felt I should move on and create my own singing school in Melbourne was because I wanted deeper understanding as a singer.   I wanted to understand how my voice worked and what I could do to prevent injuries and have greater vocal stamina.

Click here to watch video below about My singing school Melbourne 

Click here to see video above on My singing school Melbourne 

In 2006 after feeling very frustrated as a singing teacher and as a singer I met a wonderful lady who helped me understand vocal technique in a way that I had never understood before.   I began to feel my voice lighter and not so forced.  I was able to sing in a higher vocal range with no strain and effort.   I knew that I need to start my own singing school in Melbourne so that I could now pass this knowledge and new found personal experience with my voice to other singers.

My voice was release and become stronger than ever before. I pulled out all my old songs I could not do before and found that now I could mix and blend my chest, middle and head resonance in an effortless way.

I was introduced to Speech Level Singing Technique which is a methodology that repairs bad vocal habits.

It took me about 6 months to change my singing pattern and re-train my nervous system to produce sound in a different way.

I was so pleased that finally I could sing and not have any fatigue or croaky sounds in my voice.

I started my singing school in Melbourne called it SingOut school to help students become not only great performers who stand out with confidence and purpose but also who had foundational good vocal technique that will sustain and support them year after year, gig after gig.

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