When you attend SingOut Singing School in Melbourne you will be trained not only in thorough, proven vocal technique but also in performance.   I create opportunities to perform on stages because I really feel that a singing school should provide avenues for students to build their confidence on a platform and entertain a live audience.  I mentor the singers at Singout School learn to sing, perform and also speak with confidence in front of live audiences.  SingOut singing school uses both vocal techqnue and mindset tools to help Beginner singers become professional and empowered singers.

I regularly organise 3 major events per year and make sure that every student in my singing school melbourne are organised and prepared both technically, emotionally, mentally and physically to step up and sing their songs with confidence and certainty.

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A singing school should always do much more that just provide singing lessons.   Building personally confidence and repertoire for diverse audiences is also what we do at SingOut singing school Melbourne.

I have been also certified as a master life coach and NLP instructor so I train students at my singing school melbourne to use their minds to create what they want.   At our singing school we make sure that students are focused in the right way.   I have found over time that vocal technique is not all that matters when someone wants to be a singer but also particular skills and tools in having the confidence to sing and confront personal fears.

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So the first thing I do at my singing school in melbourne is teach thorough vocal technique and make sure the lesson is recorded for review and practice.  The second thing is to begin to prepare the right song choices.  After the singer is comfortable with their song I begin to encourage singing in our small group classes, where you stand and sing with a microphone and platform in front of a small group of other singers.

Singout Singing School in Melbourne offers group classes so that singers can practice in a mastermind environment.  We all support each other and provide strengths and stretches for every singer that comes along.

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Finally we organise an event and begin to take our singing into the real world.  We sell tickets and create a show for our friends and family.  This is the ultimate confidence builder and anyone who comes along and participates in these events says that it truely makes the amazing difference of finally feeling like a real singer.

No one is ever forced to go through these stages but totally inspired.  In the beginning you would never imagine yourself going through these steps but with the spirit and culture in SingOut singing school melbourne you are supported and trained to change your thinking to make it happen.   When you thinking changes your external events change too.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and you will want to join our Singing school in Melbourne.

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