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Good vocal technique is the most important aspect to vocal lessons. Both singers and speakers can experience benefits for greater vocal health and longevity. When the voice isn’t functioning well, every other aspect of singing/speaking is limited. Balancing the voice and mixing in the bridges (passage or breaks) is essential if a singer/speaker wants flexibility, tone and clarity in the vocal range.

Maria’s expertise and training is based on “SPEECH LEVEL SINGING”.

Speech Level Singing

  • Singing through the vocal registers in the same comfortable manner as you speak.
  • By applying specific vowels, consonants and scale patterns the use of the outer muscles (extrinsic) are eliminated and the vocal cords are allowed to function in their natural manner by shortening and thinning with the intrinsic larynx muscles only. The training helps to find the balance between airflow and muscular resistance, all within a resting laryngeal posture with appropriately adducted vocal cords.

Through This Technique, You Will Gain

  • Vocal Endurance, Stamina, Breath Control, Pitch, Tone, Resonance, muscle memory, vocal health and rehabilitation from vocal damage due to poor teaching or years of vocal abuse.
  • Singing, or speaking through your range. with a balanced tone, no gaps, breaks or sudden changes in quality. The singer/speaker will have access to all vocal dynamics, with tonal clarity and flexibility as the optimum pitch is released and increase. The overall result will be that the voice will not sound constricted, husky, yelly or breathy.
  • Enables and maximizes your vocal abilities in any style and genre of singing from Classical, Rock, Jazz, Pop or R & B. Suitable for established performers and beginner singers.

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