Most of us think that singing is only for some people and that not everyone should sing because you need to know how to sing. As a vocal coach, I know that after having trained 5000 singers and worked as a singing teacher for the past 20 years,  everyone can sing.

I know that not everyone sounds fantastic and that there are some voices that melodically are stuck and limited, but everyone can express singing to some level.  Anyone can learn to use their voice better and if you want to know more please send me an email here.  

When I talk about singing I am not referring to becoming a diva singer, or even to enter competitions, but I am referring to simply singing just for the joy of singing.  To be able to just make a sound and hum a tune is singing. Even whistling a tune is like singing.  When you whistle it’s easy to access your higher pitch vocal range so don’t underestimate a simple whistling tune but instead turn your whistle into singing.

Here are three benefits why it’s good for you:


1. All types of singing have positive psychological effects. It has a therapeutic effect that helps you inside out. The act of singing releases endorphins, the brain’s “feel good” chemicals.  refer to research here 


2. Singing Improves your confidence and expression when speaking and you will no doubt always speak more than sing. Singing requires more voice power than speaking because you use more breath and energy to sing so it makes you stronger.  Speaking is only half amount of vocal range, that is high to low pitch, that you would use when you sing.


3.  If you sing you will sound better when you speak because you extend the vocal range, avoiding monotone and your breath is deeper. When you sing you will breath deeper and this helps you feel healthier and stronger.  When you sing your voice will avoid the ageing sound that is croaky and husky.  You carry your voice every where with you and a good sounding voice makes you sound young and healthy.

So if you are thinking wether singing is for you or not,  consider the personal benefits.  You don’t have to ambitions to sing,  singing is for everyone and it’s natural.   You don’t have take to lessons to sing but sometimes some training helps access your voice better,  you will feel more confident about your singing and it also gives an opportunity to check if your self-criticism is really true.  Seek advice about your voice but never plug it.

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