• Have you secretly wished to be a singer and no one knows?
  • Are you are afraid, too nervous to sing, fearing it above anything else?
  • Do you think you are too old or its too late in life to take up singing?
  • Are singing lesson too expensive or don’t have the time?

What this really means is that you feel you are not worth itand that you don’t have the courage to face up to yourself.  

If you are afraid,  you are not alone, even the most famous singers we know have personally battled with performing in public and had to step out with courage to follow their deep desire of singing.
Check out the research here.  

Over the years I have heard countless excuses why someone won’t pursue their secret dream of singing. Its mostly to do with not feeling good enough to be heard.  For most this desire remains unresolved and the opportunity that singing can provide to create phenomenal courage, remains unexplored.  The worst thing is that the desire to sing won’t stop but will only turn into regret.

I have taught many older,  some even 60 to 70 year old that never before had the courage to face up to telling their friends and family about wanting to sing,  afraid of being shamed but now are saying that the desire has never left them and that it was finally time to explore their voices and stop procrastinating and having future regrets.


  1. When you sing you stop hiding and denying yourself, facing up to the whole of you, particular the sound of your voice.
  2. When you sing you confront your fears, stop procrastinating and this has a positive ripple effect on other aspects of your life.
  3. When you sing you take action and you feel stronger than before and you begin to do the things you thought you couldn’t do before.

“For the desiring singer, singing is so deep in the soul that not taking action will continue to create a life long regret of not giving it a go. “ 

Singing increases your courage to stand up and face up to not only your voice but also the voice of others. When we sing, particularly in public,  we are vulnerable to opinions of others.  We are mostly afraid of what others may say or think.  We are so deeply concerned about getting critical feedback and that we won’t be able to handle it.  We are terrified that we are going to be found out that we are not good enough.  That is why I combine a blend of vocal technqiue and mindset strategies to help singers achieve their dreams, sing and perform regularly.  At SingOut singing and Performance School we have at least four events per year where you prepare to sing to live audiences, in cafes or theatres. We prepare with both private lessons and also with small group classes where you can perform your song and also listen and observe other students.

“There is no failure only ever feedback”   

My experience has been that even the best singers who have great voices are still thinking and feeling these thoughts.  They are afraid of what has not happened.  Fear is always in the past and a reference of the past.  When you face your fear and do it anyway,  you will find courage.   Click here for a great book written by Susan Jeffers on this topic.  

Some singers I have worked with and currently coaching, have the perspective that if they pursue singing and also performance, they will embark on a journey of becoming stronger.  These singers have a more powerful mindset supported by values and beliefs that will create growth and expansion.  This is the beginning of being a successful singer and this doesn’t necessarily mean famous but more about feeling fulfilled.   These singers who overcome their self doubt and fears have a smile on their face and a sense of achievement simply because they are honouring themselves because they have not given up but instead have remained brave and reaping the rewards of courageous singing.

“Fear is the opportunity for courage to show up”

For the desireing singer,  singing will release you into an expanded expression and with good voice technique and mindset strategies you can learn not only sing but also how to shine and perform in live audience settings. Secretly everyone would like to sing but most won’t because they are just too scared and self critical.  When you face your fear and demonstrate courage you will inspire others and give them permission to take actions in their secret dreams.

If you or someone you know, are procrastinating and wish you could finally bite the bullet and take some singing lessons, find out about your singing voice,  sing your heart out and perform in front of your family friends,  don’t hold back any longer,  don’t have regrets,  feel your fear, face up to it and begin to experience courage.   You deserve it.