Hi! Welcome to my site. My name is Maria Pellicano, I am a proffessional singer based in Melbourne, Australia.

First of all, if you have come here looking for a singer for your wedding- congratulations! I have been in the performing arts industry for many years. I have sung at weddings, funerals and various other momentous occasions. With my wealth of experience, I have compiled my list of TOP 3 things to look for in a wedding singer. This is such an important day, and I’m sure you want it to be perfect. Here are my top tips for things to look for when hiring a wedding singer.

3. Professionalism. Look for someone who will treat your day for the special life moment that it is. This isn’t just a business transaction; this is day filled with love and meaning. Choose someone who will treat your wishes with respect. Also look for a wedding singer who communicates well, responding to emails within a reasonable time-frame and is up front about costs and availability.

2. Flexibility. A wedding singer should adapt to suit you. When you meet with a wedding singer, they should start to get a feel for the songs you like and the style of wedding you are designing. If they are a good wedding singer, they will meet you where you are at. A good wedding singer will  learn your favourite song. They will get your guests dancing into the night, if that’s what you want. Or they will bring a heart felt moment as you walk down the aisle or sign the register.

1. Connection. Pick a wedding singer who is connected to their music, and somebody that connects with you as a couple. It will make the whole process enjoyable and it will make your day beautiful. A wedding singer should love what they do, and you should be able to tell that they are passionate about their job. Look for a wedding singer who has a website, and is actively involved in their community.

If you are looking for a wedding singer, let me assure you that I offer the highest possible standard of service. If you would like a quote, or have questions about how I can make your wedding day special – email me, I would love to talk more with you!