Are you feeling stuck and not progressive?

Do you want to learn to sing ?

You may be feeling like you are continuously taking singing lessons but not feeling the benefit because you are simply not doing anything with the learning?

This blog will help you to identify powerful success principals, that when applied intentionally and specifically, will develop a mindset formula that will only attract success and will enable your dreams to come true.

I am going to share these principals in several sections.

You may be a beginner singer and face fear of what growth and opportunities can bring to you, or you may be an advanced singer with lots of experience but have struggled with being able to transition your hobby to a reliable music business. The successful singers mindset tools mentioned in this book will be useful to you to make the difference you are looking for in your life, to help you achieve your personal desires and outcomes.

Great Vocal technique is the beginning of being good at your craft. It is this competency that will enable you to experience more confidence. But there is even more to pursue! You must take into consideration the purpose of your vocal production, choice of songs and being able to perform with confidence, ease and joy.

Without having excellent mindset strategies in your practice and engagements you will be limited and frustrated. It is often easier to  blame external events and look for the excuses and reasons to keep you stuck in patterns of avoidance and procrastination, holding you back from being your own unique extraordinary and amazing self in action.

Benefit From A  Step By Step Simple Solution:

The strategies in this book,(only part 1)   once personally applied will ensure that you have all that it takes to be what you dream to be and achieve all that can be possible for you.

The principles mentioned in this book come from a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and positive psychology and coaching.  The principals create an attitude, a way of thinking that involves taking 100% responsibility for the results that we’re getting in our life.

NLP was developed in the 60s and 70s by two amazing men, one was a linguist and one was into computers. They discovered that there were patterns in human behaviour that would give you success or not.  By analysing these patterns we can change the results that we were going to get if we are willing to apply specific principles to get the difference we were looking for. At the end of the day it’s about being willing to take action.

Samantha’s Story.

A typical singer who is not taking action.

Samantha was a dedicated and loyal student who consistently came to her lessons, year after year- never missing one lesson.  In her mind, because she was coming to her singing lessons, it meant that she was a singer. She did have a lovely voice and was ready for her next step to the stage. In her lessons she focused on vocal technique, singing, and learning songs. Her teacher noticed that Samantha would learn in class and be inspired,  but did  not practice at home because she felt embarrassed practicing while other family members were listening to her. Samantha also avoided singing at organised performances that her teacher arranged because she felt she would fail at meeting others expectations of her.

Samantha always held back from her full potential of being an intentional and confident singer.  She would do this because she feared that she would be found out that she was not good enough after all. Over time, Samantha became more and more focused on her limitations, all the reasons why she could not take her singing to the next level. Samantha would come up with all the reasons that would give her physical world confirmation that she could not be present at organised performance evenings. The excuses she made ranged from her car broke down, to someone in her family was not well, she was not feeling good, she had another event to attend to etc..

Her teacher noticed that she really wanted to go to the next level with her singing talent, but she was scared and felt limited by all the thoughts she was having, that were not helping her at all.  She wanted to feel safe and did all she could do to keep herself from any uncertainty that would come with performance. One day, Samantha was asked to sing at her best friend’s wedding.  She had always promised her friend that she would sing at her wedding and the moment had come where she would need to step up in public, on the stage and sing.

Samantha knew that it was important to sing at the wedding, as this would mean a lot to her friend.  This made her feel anxious and overwhelmed.  She came to her class in a state of panic, feeling the pain of the challenge that lay ahead. Her teacher asked her if she would do what it would take to make it happen and what it would cost her, if she said “no” to her promise. The thought of not going ahead and breaking her promise, made Samantha feel that she would lose trust and the loyalty to her words and that her  friendship was being compromised. With this thought, Samantha suddenly began to realise that she needed to address her mindset on her singing and that taking singing lessons was not enough to get her ready.

Her teacher introduced to her another type of training that would ultimately help her singing.  Instead of only working with her breath and vocal cords, an important step was to work with her mindset towards the reason for taking up singing in the first place. During this training Samantha developed tools to help her deal with the fear that she was regularly experiencing and the meaning she was giving to it.

Within 3 months of talking about what she wanted to see happen in her life, the things that would give her greater meaning and how she could eliminate the limitations she was accepting.  Samantha started to become much more in control of her emotions and feelings. She changed her approach to her lessons by practicing regularly and took every opportunity she was given to stand on stage and sing her songs.  As time went by Samantha began to feel more confidence and courage and did end up singing at her friend’s wedding.

Compelling Success Principals to Live By For Singers

In this ebook (only part 1 for now ) I have expressed some success principals that you can apply to your singing aspiration, whether it’s to improve your motivation in practice and training or help you with procrastination and fear.


To help you apply this information I have included sections called “Uncovering  Your Solution”  where you can ponder and answer some questions or do some brainstorming that will help you move closer to what can be the best version of yourself.   I can assure you that if you begin to apply these principals you will notice personal empowerment that will give you even more confidence and certainty in the quality of sound and purpose of your voice.


Warmest regards
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