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“I have found speech level singing a workable technique that has facilitated and given me vocal strength and balance.” - Anne Salomaa

Anne Salomaa
Hello my name is Anne SaIomaa and I have taken lessons consistently using Skype (live online lessons) with Maria Pellicano from SingOut™ Singing and Performance School for over 3 years. I have found during this time that having lessons from the convenience of my home is just like any usual lessons in the studio. In our lessons Maria has helped me to address my strong European accent by developing a more western sound, also moving from classical singing style to a contemporary sound and finding vocal consistency and control with the use of specific exercise that will work best to address my vocal issues. I love the method she teaches with as it is consistent and easy to apply during the learning. I have found speech level singing a workable technique that has facilitated and given me vocal strength and balance. I have found my voice feeling much more controlled and I can access my higher vocal register with much more confidence and control. Maria is also very quick at understanding my preferred way of learning and she uses examples that work best for me and helps me understand the concepts easier. I always look forward to our lessons, even if I am busy I rarely skip my lessons.

Michael Hart

I have been coached by Maria in SLS for the past 3 years, and I have learnt a lot about vocal control and breathing techniques which have assisted a great deal in my singing endeavours. Her guidance led me to pick up the guitar to accompany my stage performances, and I'm glad to have learnt an instrument in the process.

The confidence boost Maria's training has given me over the years has made me a better singer, and I'm grateful to call her my mentor and close friend.

Victoria Nwankwo

Stephanie Barry

Mia Rigoni

Sam Lombardi

Leticia Maher
My name is Leticia Maher and I am a singer, songwriter and guitarist. I have been performing as a solo, duo, trio and band for over 11 years. My style of music is a style of it's own. My voice and music are often compared with Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Cowboy Junkies etc. After recording and touring my second album "Fallen Angels", I begain receiving vocal coaching from Maria Pellicano about 1 1/2 years ago to take my voice into bigger horizons and to prepare for the third album (to be recorded in 2012). I am now so pleased with how much more solid my lower vocal register is, and how much easier it is to sing the higher notes. As Maria is a singer and songwriter herself, I find her great enthusiasm and encouragement for quality performance for my own compositions very stimulating. She's not only a great teacher, she's a wonderful, positive and inspiring person, and the lessons are always bright and and cheerful...

Krystle Wright
I am a singer/songwriter and have been songwriting for many years now. Music for me - is more than just a skill or a hobby - it’s my passion, my heart and my life. I’ve grown up mostly singing in church on worship teams... It’s where I express my musical passion the most. Throughout my life - I have always struggled to project my voice and be able to sing with strength. It often made singing tiresome and frustrating and also contributed a lot to my lack of confidence in myself as a singer.

Since taking lessons with Maria Pellicano - my voice has transformed incredibly - in ways I only dreamt of. She has enabled the ‘true’ voice in me to come out - a voice I knew was there but couldn’t seem to release. Maria is an amazing and beautiful lady - who has a very thorough understanding of the voice and it’s function. She is dedicated to studying the voice and equally committed to developing the voice in her students. Maria is very connected to the Speech Level Singing Technique that she teaches and these techniques are very effective!

Maria has blessed me with her passion and inspired me with her encouragement. I now have a new confidence to be the singer I know God has created me to be!

Nathan Chapman
Hi, my name’s Nathan Chapman. I’m a singer/songwriter. I’ve been writing and recording songs for many years now, but I’ve never been confident about live performance. I’d been to several other teachers around Melbourne, but hadn’t made much progress, when I started with Maria.

I really admire her professional approach – she’s very attentive during the lessons, she uses the time well, gives you useful exercises to improve your voice, and also… really listens carefully for any problems you have and helps you work on them until they’re fixed. With her help I’ve performed a few times, and have more confidence now on stage.

Christine Tarquinio
My name is Christine Tarquinio and I've been taking singing lessons for the past 6 years. In that time I've developed and grown with my singing in a way that I never thought possible. Maria Pellicano helps me get the best out of my voice, using the concepts only a Speech Level Singing Teacher can provide. This technique gets results I have noticed significant changes in the quality and tone of my voice.

With Maria’s help she has motivated me and encouraged me, and taught me that I can achieve anything I want to if I just believe in it. I'm so impressed with the technique that I now myself am training to be a singing teacher.

Natasha Ferre
Hello, my name is Natasha Ferre. Over the past 18 months I have grown so much as a singer & an artist - because of the incredible teachings of Maria Pellicano. Due to a combination of her nurturing and encouraging approach plus her acute knowledge of the Speech Level singing technique, I have reached heights with my singing and performing that I never believed were possible.

She has created many opportunities for me such as, places to perform and learn new skills such as song writing & piano. I have also found that with the Speech Level techniques I have learnt, it has helped me immensely with my voice in my role as a professional TV Presenter. I know that with all that Maria has taught me I can now truly become the singer I have always dreamt of being! With that I mind - I will highly recommend any singer of any level to learn & be inspired by the teachings of Maria Pellicano.

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