Singing Teacher

Create, inspire…become a complete singer. You can Do it Now!

SingOut™ Singing & Performance School, trains and coaches singing students by developing their vocal technique, artistry, live performance skills and mindset skills.


TO CREATE together the voice and impact, you want to have as a singer and performer


THE POWER OF INSPIRATION as we discover the uniqueness of your own voice and expression.


TO BECOME a complete singer with intricate knowledge of your voice, which will deliver confidence, powerful and inspirational performances.

Are you a leader who lacks vocal energy and sounds boring or struggles to be heard clearly? Or are you a speaker and you have been told you are too soft or too loud, perhaps you are sounding or feel too demanding or too shallow? Do you want to start speaking with more power and influence? Do you want to sound more persuasive and make more sales?


In this book Maria Pellicano will give you insights and experience as a voice coach and as a human psychology coach. Over the years Maria Pellicano has built powerful communicators teaching them to speak and sing with credibility and fearlessness.



Maria Pellicano has been working with singers for over 30 years and for the past 16 years she has been the Director and Singing Instructor at SingOut™ Singing and Performance School. Maria specialises in a vocal technique called “Speech Level Singing” and is Certified by The Institute For Vocal Advancement (IVA).

The IVA technique is based on 17th and 18th century principles of singing developed by the Schola Cantorum, now communicated for modern time through cutting edge pedagogy and current scientific vocal research.

The Institute for Vocal Advancement IVA training is rigorous and thorough. Teachers have ongoing professional development and technical instruction and in order to maintain certification, teachers undergo annual assessments of knowledge and teaching approach, IVA teachers can rise to any vocal challenge because the method is medically researched and the pedagogy carefully conceived. Students training in this method can become part of a global community and pursue teaching accreditation.

Maria has trained and drawn her experience and expertise from working directly with Seth Riggs, founder and Director of Speech Level Singing and also a range of international master vocal instructors Jeffrey Skouson, Greg Enriquez, Spencer Welch, Wendy Parr, John Henny, and Dave Stroud. Presently Maria continues her personal studies in voice with Spencer Welch and Jeffrey Skouson.

SingOut™ Singing and Performance School not only focuses on vocal technique but also offers ongoing training and workshops to enhance practical skills in songwriting and artist and personal development. A monthly rehearsal with the SingOut™ band is available for those who wish to experience live music rather than backing tracks. Opportunities are often created for students to perform at local festivals and other public events. The school also hosts several regular private performance evenings, to help singers develop greater confidence to perform with a live band or prepare their own arrangement of original compositions. These functions attract audiences of 150 guests, the atmosphere is exciting and this helps build great memories and confidence in our students.