Live Online Singing Lessons

Too busy to travel? Have lessons online!

Internet Phone & Video Voice Lessons Online For Singers, Actors and Speakers.
For students who are busy, don’t have a car or live too far away – online lessons are available.
We offer FaceTime, WhatsApp & Skype as ways to connect online.


During our lesson I will:


  • Train your vocal muscles & breath control, building a technique which will help your voice resonate freely.
  • Remove vocal fatigue and protect your voice for longevity.
  • Listen to the way you use your voice and customize exercises that will extend your vocal range, enhance, and balance your voice.

Lessons involve scale patterns using vowels and consonants that strengthen the small muscles of the vocal cords and help the larynx to remain stable, creating tone and power that can then be applied to songs or speech.

Having been trained in Speech Level Singing, I have a thorough understanding of how to listen and observe the balance of air and vocal cord resistance and direct your training accordingly.

The goal is a voice which is clear and effortlessly producing sound ready for singing or speaking.
Each lesson is recorded for further personal review and practice.
To assess the benefits of online vocal training, call me on 0409 187 601, or email me to arrange a session.

Here is a video to watch how a singing lesson can work online

Book for yourself, friend or family member.
They make a great gift for any occasion.

60 min “Vocal Transformation” session

$130.00 inc. GST

4x 30 min singing lesson sessions

$280.00 inc. GST

4x 60 min singing lesson sessions

$480.00 inc. GST

Not Sure Which Package is Best for You?

Get in Touch and I’ll Recommend the Right Session for Your Unique Vocal Needs

Call Me on 0409 187 601 or use the Button Below

It’s never too late.  You are never too old or too young.

Singing is for a life time of joy and personal pleasure.  Learn online for the comfort of your own home.  
When know how to sing well, by taking singing lessons you will learn good singing voice technique you will then have the confidence to stand up on any stage and be credible.

Research shows that singing is good for you and can make you happy. 

Try out a lesson with only one vocal transformation session and get a diagnosis of your singing capacity.  
Online works really well. Check out the testimonials.  There is no pressure to keep going if you don’t want to continue.   
You can have your lessons  from the comfort of your home, online using zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype and avoid the inconvenience of a driving. 



Beginner singers are always surprised when they find out they can sing. Learning online allows us to focus on the voice in a thorough way because its all about the sound. I can help you find a way of improving the muscles and airflow to help you sound pleasing. 
With the right singing,  speech level singing technique and years of experience of learning many other method for freedom singing you will learn to sing amazingly quickly. Blending both singing vocal technique and mindset strategies you will be able to have the singers get up and go that you have always wanted. 

If you are a singer already, checked your singing technique and learn to sing better. 


Have less strain and be able to sing the big high notes with greater ease and freedom
Stop straining and being husky and hoarse and have clear singing singing voice
Sing for longer period of time and take on more gigs
Online singing lessons are convenient and quick. 
Lessons are recorded for you to save, review and practice with forever.   

Listen to how Singing Lessons Online work

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Here’s another example of how Singing Lessons Online work