It doesn’t matter where you are,  whether you are in Melbourne or anywhere else,  Singing Lessons must be considered well.   Not all singing teachers teach singing well or have a vocal technique that can help you.  I have been training as a singer and singing teacher for the past 20 years and there was a time that I felt that I could not sing at all.   I kept loosing my voice and my vocal range was limited.  I worked with at least 4 singing teachers in Melbourne and none of them helped me completely.

I would drive at least an hour to get my singing lessons.  I would choose the teacher I thought could create the voice I was wanting and I would just travel almost anywhere to get that voice quality that inspired me.  However there was always an incompleteness to my voice and I knew that it wasn’t as good as I knew it could be.

I finally found an answer to completing my voice as a singer and singing teacher.  I found out about Speech Level Singing technique.  Now I can say that most of my teachers are in Canada, Los Angelos and Las Vegas.  My singing lessons are not in Melbourne.

In the past 10 years I have hand select my singing teachers and have the lesson and instruction I know I need.   I have studied with various teachers around the world such as Jeffrey Skousand,  Spencer Welch,  Seth Riggs,  Greg Enriquez, Wendy Parr  and each one of these teachers taught me aspects of my voice that I would have never known.

My lessons are mostly online using Skype and FaceTime.  At times I have travelled overseas and had lessons face to face.   Either way I have build a relationship with these voice teachers and they know my voice and I appreciate the way they teach.

So there was a time in the past where all the singing lessons I was taking in Melbourne were creating limitation in my voice.  I even lost my voice practicing incorrectly and just purely straining.   My vocal technique was not what it should have been.  I was led to believe that I was just a lower singer and that my voice would never go past a C5, high C.  I then found out that I could change my vocal technique and sing in a mix (blend of chest and head voice) and that this would allow me to get into my higher voice register.

Having these singing lessons with singing teachers that would help me sing differently allowed me to now feel like I can sing any song at all.   I can also now sing any genre and I am not limited to only pop music.  Because of this journey and experience and training I have had over the past 20 years,  I feel confident singing and also teaching singing.

So taking singing lesson in Melbourne may not always be the answer for you, however I have noticed that over the past 10 years there are now better singing teacher available in Melbourne that were not available 10 years ago.   Vocal technique education has become better and the singing community is connecting much more.

If you are interested more about how I learnt to sing past a C5 with a mixed voice please feel free to contact me.   I will give you singing lessons that come with personal experience of having achieved a full and powerful vocal range even though I was told I never would be able.

Call me to find out how you can have singing lessons in Melbourne with world class vocal techqniue that can enhance your voice, release and empower your vocal presence giving you the confidence and assurity that you need when standing on a stage and singing your big notes.

I can teach you both face to face or on Skype and FaceTime.   I am located in Melbourne and teach singing lessons in my Melbourne Studio

Thank you for reading this blog and appreciate your feedback.

warmest regards

Maria Pellicano