There’s something confronting about allowing yourself to take time out to pursue your own interests when you have small children, especially if you are overtaken with that common affliction known as ‘Mother’s Guilt’.

Like that one time you were managing on only 2 hours sleep after getting up to a small baby every hour on the hour as they were sick with a cold and you had planned a special night out with the girls, the first in ages, but how could you go know?  What would everyone think of you? This results in you cancelling your special night out. Days later you describe your situation with another mum and she recalls a time when the exact same thing happened to her. It makes everyone feel a little better about the same situation happening to them. For mum’s who are serious about singing this is no different. We put our needs and wants last. To do otherwise is self-indulgent right? No, wrong!

That is the precise reason why I love social media at times, the identify all of the awful, frustrating and downright hilarious things that happen in that bubble of life that is raising children. When a mum posts online reflecting on the rough day she has had, there are a barrage of supportive comments reassuring that particular mum that things will be okay and that maybe it’s time to take a break, get a baby sitter, let dad take over for a while and just do something for yourself. Even with all of this heartfelt support, still we question any deviation from our routine.

So if you are a singer or have thought about starting to train as a singer and feel you have lost yourselves in the world of raising your children, take the time to read the following 5 reasons why you CAN pursue your dream to sing and also balance family life.


  • Happy Mum, Happy Kids
    Kids are smarter than we give them credit for.  They mirror our behavior if they see we are sad they will pick up on that and if we are happy it is infectious and they will beam with happiness too. Find your happiness if you want to sing start out by taking an hour to yourself and have dad, grandparents or baby sitter mind the kids. Then find a quiet place to do some scales and run through a song, play an instrument. This always energises me and I come back to my children full of zest and ready to take on the next adventure.
  • Join a music group with the kids
    If you like to sing, does it really matter what you are singing. Nursery Rhymes are great fun and you can include the kids in this one. Whether it be a structured music group, or just inviting some friends over for an impromptu sing-a-long. It is another way to get the kids used to the idea that mummy is a singer and this is part of who you are.
  • Is Travel an issue? You can do singing lessons online!
    Did you know that online singing lessons are available via Singout Singing and Performance School. If travel is an issue, you have this highly flexible and convenient option of just using skype to dial into your lesson. Then you have the benefit of being ready to go back to being with the kids as soon as your lesson finishes. All you need is a laptop or phone with a webcam and an internet connection.
  • Finances are tight? Well it’s time to be creative!
    How can I afford to have singing lessons now I am not earning any money as I am a stay at home mum? If you have asked yourself this question you are not alone. You can have casual singing lessons, and keep a recording of what you have learnt so you can continue to review and progress. Doing something is better than just letting time pass you by and wondering what if? Investing in yourself is so worthwhile. Sure our children are only small for a short time and they need us, but we only get one chance at living our life to the full so why not be the best we can be!
  • Opportunities to perform!


Being a part of the Singout Singing and Performance school gives you opportunities to be the best singer you already know is inside of you. Whether it be participating in the casual café performance nights or opportunities to perform at as show case level, you will get the support and structure you need. Also you can follow your own path, audition for a band, go to an open mic night, arrange to go busking, go to a nursing home and sing, the options are endless.

Now it’s time to ask the question is it best to invest in your self-development with your vocal training right away? In the long run your children will reap the benefits of a happy, fulfilled and contented mother if you are able to take time out for yourself and develop your voice so it can be at its best, right now.  If you put it off, you lose vocal fitness, quality and tone with each year we get older and don’t exercise that vocal muscle. Ask yourself again, why is this a problem? You can do this, don’t hold back!