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  • How to Sing with Posture for Power

    A strong confident person can rule the room with knowledge, personal style, attitude and great posture. -Cindy Ann Peterson. Body Posture - Increase Vocal PresenceThe way you feel about your body affects the quality of your vocal tone.   Read More...


    SINGER SPEAK TOO - YOU ARE A MESSAGE-BEARER If you are a singer I want to specifically encourage you, by saying that you are a message-bearer. You powerfully and artfully paint an auditory picture of what you a singing every time you sing on a platform. I have noticed repetitively that singer often shy away from speaking and don’t feel that they have anything worth saying.   Read More...

  • Lead with Influence and not with Tonal Ignorance

    Hello 10 years ago  I was not aware that my vocal tone was putting others off from listening to me.  I was totally unaware of disengaging others when speaking and that I came across as being too domineering. I lacked empathy when speaking and my conversations and speaking made others feel that I did not care and that I wanted to control their thinking.   Read More...

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