If you are a singer I want to specifically encourage you, by saying that you are a message-bearer. You powerfully and artfully paint an auditory picture of what you a singing every time you sing on a platform. I have noticed repetitively that singer often shy away from speaking and don’t feel that they have anything worth saying. Strangely enough  they are happy to sing but not speak.  Well if this is you,  I would like you to not underestimate what you do.  I never did realise that my singing made me an even more powerful speaker. I was not only comfortable being on a stage but also I  unconsciously used the inspiration and  emotions I had in words and melody to communicate in spoken words.  I found out that words framed in a melody sung with a beautiful voice can only drive the message deeper.  Music arouses the emotions in us all. Audiences use their senses so much more when they listen to a beautiful singing voice and a singer has the leverage to utilise their voice for the delivery of an important message.

I recently heard Jessie Jay sing the song  “Wild” and “Who you Are’  Here you will notice that she is singing and speaking through her songs. She is powerfully connecting with her audience and communicating her ideas and beliefs in these two song.

You are a privileged communicator because you get to use your voice to sing on various platforms .  You can use your voice in such a beautiful melodic way that stirs the emotions of even the most toughest audiences.  Don’t restrict your gift, you are here to impact audience confidently on stage.  Be a message-bearer. Discover you heart-felt message,in song and word, by reading my book  “The art of Powerful Communication”.  In this book you will learn about what it takes to be a singer who can speak a powerful message too.  A singer who can use their song to impact audiences with their powerful presence.  Be prepared to communicate with power using your voice, mindset and message artfully on the platforms that come to you.  Your persona and presence will carry your gift of voice to many people who will be on the other end of the platform waiting to be inspired by your voice in song or word.

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