Generosity is adding value. When you are generous, people are naturally attracted to you. When you add value people enjoy it as you are coming out of love and people are attracted to that.

Singers and musicians are always adding value and are usually generous with their gifts and are blessed simply by others just wanting to enjoy them when they are performing.

A mature soul gives generously, because it feels great! BUT, when someone feels depleted after giving, they gave to get something in return. In every relationship we have, the success-building action is to add value- and to go beyond other people’s expectations. When you build maturity, you see that it is about giving- not getting.

Generosity is all about  believing in Abundance not Scarcity.

The more you give the more you receive.  Don’t give to receive, give because you believe in Abundance and Overflow.

When you face your fear and have the courage to begin to write songs or step out and SingOut you are adding value to others.  You are extending yourself to be more for others.  As you find ways to serve with your gift you will be stretched and feel like you are growing and that you are a contributor to society.



Finding how to please others, that also pleases you nourishes you.  Be understated about your generosity and how you add value. Letting it unfold as it is, not because you talk about it. Don’t use your generosity to manipulate others.

Identify what the people close to you value. And identify your passions that others want to know about. Sharing this passion and being generous with it will bring you joy.

“What gives you joy? Do lots of it!”

You will know when you are actively being generous in your life because:

  • You have lots of new ideas
  • You feel joy when you give
  • You are more sensitive to the needs of others

Being Generous with your knowledge and talents,  giving yourself is the formula of multiplying.  It’s by giving that you receive.

When you live way beyond yourself, you can see the bigger contribution value.

When you practice generosity, you are being BIG on the inside, knowing that YOU are an agent of change.   Knowing that everything you do when in a generous truthful way will multiply greatly and become bigger. That contribution heart through generosity is happiness and fulfilment and the opposite makes you become small and limited inside and outside.

If you want a bigger world then give more if yourself. This is the formula of multiplying. It’s by giving that you receive.


  1. It is important to give without manipulation, or seducing the recipient for example “I did this, so you…”
  2. Be okay with giving without the need for appreciation, validation or a mention
  3. Provide value to others to improve their lives, not your own
  4. Give when people aren’t watching, and don’t tell anyone 

On A Personal Note

Being Generous for me means that I need to have a big WHY.. I need to know that its all about something bigger than me.  Who I am and what I do is all about the bigger picture. When I am being generous I am thinking of others. I am giving because I believe in abundance and there is not scarcity in my life. As I give I get more because I empty myself out. Others are attracted to me because I care about others.  I am thrilled I can help others and I become even more generous with my love and enthusiasm to make a difference.

Find out how you can extend yourself and become even more for 2016.  You can be generous when you find ways of first being generous with yourself.  You must find ways to extend yourself and stretch what you know so that you can keep adding value to yourself.  Once you have taken steps to add value to yourself you can then extending this same strategy to others. You can help others be encouraged and loved all because you work on yourself first.

Contact me to work on your goals and action plan for 2016, find out how you can stretch yourself, face fears and develop the courage to become all that you dream to be on the inside.  Turn your dreams into action and make a difference.

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Wishing you all a happy new year.  May 2016 be a year that will impact your life and others in return.

Warmest Regards

Maria Pellicano