The biggest part of your life journey is becoming self aware.

All that You Are  is BIGger  and BEtter than what you experience.  Everything we do has a universal Impact and Purpose.

The bigger picture of your life is your BiG Why.   Its the reason and purpose to all that you do.   The reason for your personal and professional life.

For what purpose is it all about?

We all do the best we can with the resources that are available to us. We all worry about whether or not we are good enough; or that we will not be able to handle whatever life has to offer us. But living to our full potential means firstly having self awareness.


“Do you take 100% of responsibility for the choices you make?”

Becoming responsible for your choices and outcomes will allow you to face the areas in your life where you need to grow. When you become aware of these areas you can improve and move forward!


When we evaluate ourselves, we need to say what we mean, and mean what we say.

It also involves asking ourselves questions about our lives:

  • Do you risk making mistakes, or do you only want to get it ‘right’?
  • Do you take 100% responsibility for your results?
  • Are you able to sit back when necessary and see the bigger picture of your life?   Your vision and mission?
  • What is the purpose of your life ?
  • what is the vision and your big “WHY” for everything happening in your life.


The key to becoming self aware is to ask yourself questions!

The key to becoming self aware is to ask yourself questions!

Evaluate your life and your decisions. Take responsibility for the outcomes of your choices. And when it is necessary, sit back and look at the bigger picture of your life.

“Your ability and willingness to live at cause and to take 100% responsibility for your results and non results will assist you to see the bigger picture”

Once you become self aware notice your full potential unfold and it becomes easier to take stock of where you are at.  We then start to develop a new reality where we make better decisions!

On A Personal Note

I always feel bigger on the inside in comparison with  all that I am living and experiencing on the outside.  It just takes time and practice to be able to express and communicate it.  As I become more self aware of the bigger me on the inside, I am developing the language and strategy to be able to get it all out. The bigger picture to me is all about knowing that I am part of an overall purpose in the universe.  Knowing my personal WHY underpins all that I do.  The purpose, the mission, vision and culture of my life is what allows me to Serve, Grow and Love.  I love being part of a spiritual and professional community which fosters this growth and allow me to bounce off ideas and concepts. I am becoming more secure and accepting of situations and less controlling of life as I learn to identify and  let go on what I can’t control and influence and focus more on what is in my domain.


Join Maria as she coaches you through a series to becoming believable! One on one coaching, or group workshops are available with practical activities to define who you are, and what you want; to become your Ideal Self. Over 6 weeks you will learn to identify how you want to live an Ideal Day, and how to increase your self confidence. We will also explore fears and uncertainties and how to overcome them. Learn how to believe in yourself to make choices that you love.

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