To have a beautiful voice that is pleasant to listen to you must learn to balance the air and muscles in your larynx to allow your natural tone to flow. You must pronounce vowels well, keep your mouth, tongue, and jaw relaxed, and breathe.

This may sound simple but to do it successfully it actually takes practice and training. Most of us cannot hear our sound from in our own head. It’s very different by the time it comes out of our mouth. The best way to assess your own voice is to record it and then review the voice quality.

When I am training voices I will always record the session and have the client/student listen back and review the changes I have taken them through.  To have a pleasant or even a beautiful voice the frequencies of lower and higher pitches in your voice are blended together allowing the voice to be free.

You always allow your voice to resonate freely and never force it.  Air comes out of the lungs, through the trachea, and into the larynx. The air then makes the vocal folds vibrate.  All these vibrations convert to air molecules which create sound waves that move around like bubbles in all directions from the larynx to the mouth.

As the sound waves travel through the mouth, and are  shaped by vowels, it leaves the mouth and it finally sounds like a voice. Everyone knows and feels the difference when they are listening to a beautiful speaking or singing voice.

There is something that affirms inside of us that there is a level of excellence in the person they listen to.  When we hear a beautiful voice used well, our emotions are evoked,  we have a new level of respect for what we hear, and we listen deeper, and in return we give back our full attention and appreciation.

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