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Your voice is the key to your ability to influence. Audiences are evoked by the passion in a credible tonality. Find out more about the gaps and solutions to becoming an even more convincing communicator, speaker and negotiator by changing vocal patterns that limit you. I would like to offer a complimentary vocal strategy session to work out what can make you an even stronger passionate leader.

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Maria Pellicano’s passion is to see people’s potential maximised. Her skills in coaching and Neuro-Linguistic programming facilitate a change of mindset that removes limitations and empowers the individual to achieve set goals and desired outcomes.   She has been a practicing Life Coach for the past 10 years and is committed to continuous personal growth. Maria is currently completing a Masters in Coaching Practitioner with The Coaching Institute.

Below is a list of organization and accreditations that have been received in the personal growth field:

  • Completing an advance certification with  Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner with NLPmarin  2016
  • The Coaching Institute Masters/Diploma in Coaching and NLP completed 2016
  • Extended DISC behavioural Consultant 2014
  • Accredited Level 4 Life Coach: September 2003, by the Life Coaching Academy of Australia.
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming: June 2003, by Australian Institute of Advance Communication Studies.
  • Certified Practitioner of Time-Line Mastery: June 2003, by Australian Institute of Ad-vance Communication Studies.
  • Qualified as Life in Balance Seminars Facilitator: 2004.
  • The Sedona Method: 2006, The Sedona Training Associates.

Many students both advanced and beginners singers are limited by fear and they lack the ability to know that they can make a choice to face the fear of performance or public speaking and do it anyway. Furthermore, personal development training is offered in helping to have a clarity of purpose and intention by creating goals and action plans that can allow you to fully experience the value of lessons and enjoy the experience of the performance or presentation.

The sessions can be in the studio or online,  such as a Webinar, Skype,  conference call or Telephone. Private coaching or group workshops sessions are also available to your friends or family members and are not only specific to singers and speakers.

Three training packages have been designed to address these common issues that arise in people.


Maria Pellicano is an accredited consultant & trainer of Extended DISC.   This is a Behaviour Profiling Tool.

Extended DISC unveils a person’s possibilities to develop in directions that were previously difficult to access. Helping students better understand why they make the choices they do and how to make changes to achieve their dreams and goals.   It does not classify people into good or bad.

Extended DISC Theory illustrates the person’s natural behavioral style or response mode in different situations. The theory equips you with a better understanding of your own and others’ behavior, which means you learn how to adjust your behavior in order to be even more effective in any situation, avoiding unnecessary problems in communication and lastly to point your life onto a better suited, more enjoyable and successful path.

EDISC produces a 26 page report on your  conscious profile and unconscious profile. Your conscious profile is your non natural  adapted way of surviving and thriving in your current situation, whether it be at work or in life. In other  words how you think you need to change to cope with your current environment. Your unconscious  profile shows your natural energy style, which is how you naturally present to your world when you do not feel the need to change or adapt.  It shows you where you use your energy well and where you will loose energy in your life.

This is not a personality profiling tool that pigeon hole you and limits your performance impact like a Myre Briggs.

To arrange to have this profiling please call me and I will send you a link online and then the next day a 26 page report will be generated that I will unpack with you.

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