We all have things in our lives that invoke fear. 

Only some of this fear is real, most of our fears are Imagined fear.

Some fears are real, like the possibility of being run over by a car when crossing the road and not obeying traffic lights and a great deal of the fear we experience is only imagined, like stepping out on a STage for the first time, even though you have received all the performance training to prepare you for it.

Worry Is Fear
For many of us we worry about being judged, not being loved or belonging.
We all worry about whether or not we are good enough; or that we will not be able to handle whatever life has to offer us. Yet, we are all doing the best we can, utilising the resources available to us at the time when we need them.

Let me ask you a question:
“If you knew you could handle whatever life had to offer, what would you attempt or endeavour to do?”
    You would be unstoppable !

Now, think about the things you would do if you weren’t afraid- if you didn’t have to worry.

  • What would you think about instead?
  • What would you focus on instead?
  • What would you explore?

IMAGAINED FEAR IN OUR LIVES:When we have fear in our lives, it is so common for us to respond by:

  • Waiting for the fear to subside, so we just keep waiting, sometimes too long
  • Waiting for courage to turn up,
  • Put off action (procrastinate) and make no plan to get rid of the source of the fear causing us to become stuck in this cycle of fear, making excuses for it


The key to getting rid of fear is to DO the thing!

Say YES  to your next gig opportunity

Fear does not disappear on its own. We cannot wait for it to fade, or hope it will go away. We need to face the task that is causing the fear, and it takes courage to face the thing, and act.

“The longer we think about the challenge, instead of doing it, the worse our fear gets, until we think the fear is reality and the courage is not within us.”

Once you act notice your courage turn Up it becomes easier to do more. We then start to develop a new reality where we perceive ourselves as courageous!
It is exciting to be stretched in areas of your life where you want to make changes!

Voice Lessons

I am really excited and challenged by furthering my skills and expanding my business in not only being able to help singers technically but also being able to help develop the mindset that gives the edge in performance and creativity. The best thing is that I get to work with anyone who wants more out of their lives and that includes anyone not just singers. Everyone wants to love, grow and contribute more but we can only do this when we help ourselves. This takes courage ! Many of us fear change and are facing boredom and repetition with little meaning in our lives and the only way is to step up to what we know is our dream and life’s purpose and get on with expanding ourselves, mentally , spiritually and emotionally.
I am excited to announce that as a coach in personal mindset development I have a program that can help you do this.



Join Maria Pellicano as she coaches you on identifying fears and the challenges that are holding you back. Maria offers both in-person voice lessons and online coaching:

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