Package 3 - Overcome Fear

“Overcome Fear" and be "Courageous"

Our Main Fears

Discovering answers to these common questions;

  • Am I good enough?
  • Will I be judged?
  • Do I belong?
  • Am I loved?

Activating courage by turning fear into excitement

  • Learning to Use “Choice Language” that can change your outcome.
  • Make a choice on how you hold fear, its either from empowerment or helplessness

Applying the Sedona Method

  • Learning the key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace & Emotional Well-being by “letting go” and by making the distinction that “you are not your feeling”

Learn the to “Face the Fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers

  • Learn to live a fulfilled life despite the fear and face the challenge you want with power.
  • Learning to apply that there is no failure only feedback

Discussing “The wheel of fear” by Rhonda Britten. What it is ?

  • Learn to overcome our fear cycle pattern that we follow whenever fear is triggered.
  • Lets do some “Fear Busting” Exercises that create courage


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