“It’s not just talk or wishful-thinking either. Maria’s live performances are warm, unshowy and winsome; there is a sense of something real and honest”  Wes Jay (woodlands media)

Albums - "Breathe" and "Your voice"

Both these albums showcase 10-12  acoustic pop-rock songs composed and produced Maria Pellicano. Music hints light techno, soul and gospel, with a deliberate appeal across ages and cultures. The songs reflect Maria’s encouraging heart, and are inspired by her own spiritual search. Maria’s travels have taken her from speaking, training and worship leading in local congregations and community groups to running vocal workshops in Singapore, Fiji and around Australia.

Covers Album - Maria Pellicano

This is a demonstration Cd of  “Favourite Covers”, regularly sung for special events and residential gigs. Feel free to download and listen to these recordings.


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