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When you embarked on the journey of  learning how to sing you are embracing a journey of personal development.   To become a good singer you must see yourself holistically.  Your voice is not just a muscle and breath it is also influenced by your mindset.   One of the nerves pathways that goes to your larynx is called the limbic nervous system and this is responsible for activating your voice tonality.

I have really enjoyed reading a book by Ingo Titze where he explains simply the human voice.  Check out the link below for further details.


Scientists are currently sorting out the connection between the brain and the larynx.  Evidence is that the Larynx is driven by 3 systems of nerve pathways systems,  The limbic, the speech and motor, the spinal reflex.

The limbic system is activated by environment and emotions, also it regulates the breathing and heart rate.  It has a strong grip on the larynx. It’s sounds like cries, grunts, screams, squeals,  laughter.    It’s flight or flight sounds.  Singing such as chanting or any sounds emotionally or spiritually charged.  Love songs and hymns are also emotionally effecting you when you sing.   Singing releases these emotions of stress, fear and anxiety.

The speech motor is conscious system is the physical part that makes sound occur such as the tongue, throat, mouth, jaw, lips.  These are called the speech articulators.  The main objective of this system is to communicate the process of spoken language and coordinate the timing of all lip, tongue, jaw and larynx movement.

We cannot detach speech from the emotion,  the neural link and wiring already exists in primal sounds that are heard in newborns.  All the emotions and and breathing cycles and feeling and sound of laughter are all connected in vocal communication.  Eg sobbing and speaking at the same time,  angry or upset and speaking at the same time when you get the feeling of being choked up.

So when you learn to sing you are not only learning about vocal technique but also you are involving your mindset and learning about how to think in away that releases emotional stress so that you can access your full vocal resonance.  Your vocal resonance is you.   You cannot make a powerful sound if you feel trapped and stuck.

Over the past 20 years I have met many singers who have come to work on vocal techqniue and in the process we have noticed that there are so many emotional blockages that hold back the voice.  Usually these singers sound husky and their voice is cracking.  They also report that they have experienced a time when an incident may have happened and their voice became worst.

As the singer vocalises the emotions are released.  Many tears and conversations have come up in sessions, and most singers feel that they are feeling motivated and cherished when they walk out of my studio.

As a vocal coach I combine human behaviour strategies and skills along side with powerful vocal technique that frees up and empower singers to be what they envisage themselves to be.  Your voice is your truth and whether you speak or sing,  your voice matters and its deeply intwined with your soul.

If you struggle as singer and feel that your voice is not what you would like it to be,  such as its raspy or fatigued all the time,  perhaps it lack energy or it just gets stuck,  lets check out your vocal technique and lets see what emotions may be there that is blocking you from being the singer you know you can be.

Thank you for reading this article and I look forward to your feedback.

Maria Pellicano | SingOut singing and performance school

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