“When you listen to your Inner Voice You are definitely Singing ”

Every singer is born to sing a song that resonates with the inner side of themselves.  We love to sing because we have a song inside our hearts and minds that must be shared.   When we honour this voice inside of us then we can honour the audiences we aim to impact.   You can only influence an audience as you impact yourself first.

Personal Discouragement and beliefs in limitations that we secretly hold in our lives will effect the ability to connect with audiences.  Every speaker or singer I have ever heard speak or sing has only impacted me as I have heard stories and emotions come from personal journey.

Its in this instance that the singer or speaker has the authority to really touch others.

And …….

Its this moment truth that you are able to  share  powerfully your personal journey with another

either in song or speech

As singers, vocal technique is what will empower us;  by learning how to strengthen muscular and breathing systems for creating human sound with the use of scale patterns, vowels and consonants,  we can then get on with the reason why we want to sing in the first place.  For most of us its to share the sound of our soul that can only be shared once we learn how to appreciate and understand that inner voice that is singing inside of us.

The only reason to master technique is to be sure the body does not interfere with the the soul’s free expression. La Meri

learn how to sing well

When you learn how to sing well you will begin the journey of discovering your outside and inside voice that will help you become a mature singer or speaker who can impact audiences only because you have taken the time to develop your expression so that you can altimately help others feel.

If you are wanna be singer and you are holding back because you feel you cannot because of a limiting belief I want you to know that when you do learn to sing you will not only free up your inner voice but also you will empower others to use their voice.  When you step out and follow your heart, not knowing exactly what is out there you will give others the permission to do the same.  

Anyone can learn to sing Anytime 

Lets not be afraid to voice our voice either in song or speech.

Our voice will then give others permission to do the same.  

I am a vocal strategist. For the past 20 years I have worked with singers, actors and speakers. I am the founder of SingOut singing & Performance School and Harness Your Voice where  I teach vocal technique and emotional tools that help the speaker have a powerful tonality by creating vocal endurance and a dynamic voice with better access to projection,  intonation and much more. I  certified with the institute of vocal advancement and also as a master coach and NLP marin style practitioner.  With this knowledge and experience I have learnt that vocal tonality is created by not only the physical aspects of our throat but also by nervous system and emotional system that enable the vocal tissue to create how we end up sounding like. In the work I do I help develop strategies that fixes the gap for speakers and enables the ability to vocally lead with credibility and endurance by teaching how to harness the voice to speak with influence and power.

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