Traditional Italian Funeral Songs sung by Maria Pellicano

Coming from an italian traditional Calabrese family with a mother who was raised in a convent who played piano and sang from a very early stage in life,  I have learnt to appreciate beautiful singing and practiced traditional italian songs for masses and special events such as Funerals since a young age.

Songs create memories and these memories are carried in our lives forever.  Every time I hear an old italian songs whether its a religious italian funeral song or a traditional italian funeral song the melodies and lyrics seem to resonate a nostalgic feeling of italy.


a selection of favourite Italian and English Catholic songs medley

Growing up in the Roman Catholic church and playing my guitar and singing in masses I was taught how to sing and communicate with a spiritual tonality in my singing.  Now when I sing I feel that there is a creative environment that brings hope and peace to those who are listening.   I am always complemented and those who attend the funerals as they are so blessed that they have been truely been emotional moved and inspired.

When selecting songs with the families involved, I will generally make sure I am singing some of the favourite songs such as Ave Maria  or The Prayer or Time to say goodbye.  These are the favourites.  I also often have sung Vaggio Della Vita (also known as Prendimi Per Mano Dio Mio).

Here are a list of Catholic Italian songs you would possible select when arranging an Italian Funeral Singer.

IL Mio Pastor (Psalm) 

Ave Maria ( schubert) 

Alleluia (Gospel Acclamation) 

E Giunta L’ora Nelle Tue Mani ( offertory) 

Quando Nell’ombra Padre Nostro Non ti dimentichero (Isaiah 49) (offertory) 

Signore Pieta Una Spiga Dorato Santo Santo Santo Tu ci hai redenti (Memorial Acclamation) 

Agnelo di Dio Io Credo Risorgero Amen 

Io Vo Narrar (amazing grace)

Grande Se Tu (how great thou art) 

Have listen to a selection of Traditional Italian Funeral Songs on this link.  

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