A wedding singer will sing with a voice that create memories that will last a life time.

A good well trained  singer uses their minds and emotions to sing with powerful feelings and emotion.  A singer has a wide selection of songs available ranging from traditional to contemporary repertoire.  Check out Maria Pellicano from SingOut school Melbourne song repertoire.   Click here

Maria Pellicano trains her singers at SingOut Singing and Performance school to sing with the alignment of vocal technique,  mindsets and songs.  When a singer uses the right song for their voice type and the right mindset for the platform they will be performing on,   then the vocal tone will be authentic and will deliver a passionate performance that impacts  guests, grooms and brides all the time.

At a wedding emotions are running high and that means our brains will remember the feeling forever.  If you want to remember your wedding day forever and your want your guests to be talking about the beautiful moment they experienced at your wedding,  then hire a professional trained singer from SingOut singing and performance school.

Research and science shows that we connect better to events when emotions are high.  Singers can help emotions of all your friends and family to channel and focus on your special event.  Your wedding is the most important event in your life and you and your guests will remember it for life.  Click on this link to read about this research. https://blog.bufferapp.com/science-of-emotion-in-marketing

You can enquire whether Maria Pellicano will be available to sing for your wedding.  Maria Pellicano   knows how to use her emotions and mind to create a vocal tone that penetrates the heart and stirs up emotions that brings your special day to life each time your recall the memory.   The songs you choose at your wedding will become anchors for you memory forever.

Click here for more information.  https://singoutschool.com.au/wedding-singer-melbourne

Its important you create a wonderful experience for yourself and your guest by offering a live performance and beaustifu sounding tones.   A recording can never create this live experience as the presence is not as powerful and impacting.

If you want to find out more and listen to sound vocal tracks sung by Maria Pellicano click on this link  https://singoutschool.com.au/video.

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Maria Pellicano is regularly accompanied by Kingsley Berry on piano.  Over the past 15 years Maria and been working with Kingsley Berry and together they create music that is penetrating, filled with passion and love.

Thank you for reading this blog and Maria Pellicano looks forward to any feedback.

Maria Pellicano | Director of SingOut School and Harness Your Voice


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