You can learn to sing anytime and there is never the right time.   The only time is when you stop procrastinating.  We all hold back from the things that we know we should do and when we do this we waste time.  You can never buy time back.  You can always learn something new and you should never expect yourself to sound vocally great if you have never invested in finding out what it takes to have a good sounding voice.  I love working with beginners of any age because I am not undoing vocal habits that need to change.  So a BEGINNER SINGER is great to work with.

If you can speak you can also sing so don’t hold back, its just that you need to learn how to sing and it will take a little more effort to make it come together.


If you really want to sing then find a singing coach that keeps learning and cares enough to not make you feel awkward but will help you find your voice.  Your voice is a muscle and you must exercise this muscle and build the connective tissues required to make sound with practice and repetition of scales and exercises that will help you develop the vocal balance and strength you need.  Singing is much more complex than speaking as it uses more vocal range and resonance.  You require to use much more muscles in your mouth and throat to make a beautiful resonance. You can learn how to do this as soon as you decide and when you find the right teacher that understands you and can connect with you and make you feel safe and inspired.

When someone tells me they cannot sing I tell them that they just need to want to.  Once I know they want to we then begin to create it.


At singout school we use vocal technique and human behaviour strategies to help you overcome whatever is stopping you moving forward and creating your singing voice. Anyone can sing but not everyone wants to.  I understand however even if you sing in the shower or at home you should sing well otherwise you just never know what your voice can do and that can effect your confidence and opinion about yourself.   When you hear your voice inside your head and you don’t like it,  your confidence will be shattered and unconsciously you avoid anything vocal including speaking out.

With good vocal technique you can overcome muscular tension that is causing you to be out of tune and you can also increase your focus as you learn how to zoom in and match pitch.

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