5 steps you can take

Have you ever felt like you want to sing or even speak out but you are just too SCARED? 

Have you ever felt like your voice is just going to LET YOU DOWN right on stage? 

To have confidence as a singer or even a speaker,  you must feel that you are COMPETENT.  Often students and clients I work with say to me that they feel inadequate when singing or speaking in public.  They feel that they are not good enough to be heard.

Did you know that 75% of people find just speaking in public nerve wrecking?  WOW,   Imagine SINGING ON STAGE?

I have found with myself that I feel good enough when I know I am prepared.  So here are 5 steps to help you feel better prepared to STEP up on ANY PLATFORM with CONFIDENCE.

“Do what you do so well that they will want to bring their friends and see you do it again” Waltz Disney


Take up some singing lessons.  Learn how to use your voice well.  I am talking about QUALITY lessons and not just the cheapest lessons in your area.  Travel and pay for the quality you are wanting in your life.  You can be coached in specific voice technique that will help you better manage the nerves when you are singing.  VOICE TECHNIQUE is king.. the most important aspect to becoming a CONFIDENT singer.  There have been times when I have sung that I didn’t feel well but my voice technique helped me get through.


Create muscle memory that is created in the brain. It about repetitive practice, however if you practice badly its very difficult is a coaches nightmare to change the pattern.   So its important you practice well. You always get the memory of what you practice.   Not just any practice but good practice.  Make sure you have a coach who can supervise your practice. Rehearsing is about feeling your music and really knowing it well.  Its about memorising your singing and seeing yourself completing the gig successfully.    A long time ago, 4 days before a gig,  I practiced so badly that I actually lost my voice.  It was not good practice and I was rehearsing badly.

“Your physical voice is inseparable from your inner voice. Your voice is you”. 

Dr Barbara John 


Your thinking will effect what you believe about yourself and how you see yourself on stage.  Do you see, feel or hear yourself failing?  Messing ups the words or just doing something silly like freezing up?  What are you saying to yourself on the inside?  Begin to think what you want,  not what you don’t want.   Be conscious of your thoughts and choose to believe thoughts that will empower you.  Take action and responsibility over your thinking because it all starts with what you think.  You will become what you think and this ultimately will effect your voice quality and confidence.


(list of songs) that you know well.  Don’t leave it to the last minute when you suddenly need to create a set list and you have only 1 week to get it ready.  Learn songs every week make it a plan to learn 1-2 new song per week.  Have a compilation of songs that can fit in any event.  Singing for Weddings,  Funerals, Birthdays and any other Special Events.  The more you build your list the better you feel about being ready.

“By failing to prepare you prepare to fail”  Benjamin Franklin


You need to make sure you PA system is working, your guitar or piano is ready to go,  the venue you are singing at is available early enough for you to go and set up.  Everyone is happy with the song choices and you have power on.   I usually spend a great deal of time making sure the logistic of practical stuff like this is sorted so that I have nothing to be annoyed with on the day of my gig.

If you want to know more on how you can prepared and become a confident, capable and certain singing on any platform contact me and lets start.

Thank you for reading this blog and I look forward to any feedback.

Maria Pellicano