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How to care for you voice


1.  Limit the hrs spent singing and talking the voice is not designed for unlimited hrs of strenuous use. 

2. Never use the voice in any situation to the point of noticeable hoarseness 

3. Know your limits as it may be different to your friends and Colleagues 

4. Drink 8-12 large glasses of water per day.   

5. Avoid dehydrating beverages that contain caffeine and alcohol.   Hydration will increase your resonance so that you don't force and yell to project your voice. 

6. Don't smoke. 

7. Rest and avoid strenuous voice use when the body is fatigued. 

8. Avoid trying to hear yourself in loud environments as you will force and push your your voice to do so.  Instead block one hear with your finger and you will hear your own sound. 

9. Don't expose yourself to constant loud noise as this creates ringing in the ears and then effects your voice tone. 

10.  Keep fit as this energizes the voice by increasing breath capacity, muscles strength and staves away illness.

Looking after our voice is important so that we don't end up with vocal damage or fatigue.  What would happen one day if you woke up and your voice was silent?   

This has happen to me and it has restricted my communication in many ways. It usually called laryngitis.   I felt as if I had lost the organ of my soul.  

“  Have you ever played an instrument you could see? Did seeing it help you learn how to play it?  Vocalists are at a huge disadvantage because they never get to see the instrument they are playing. This can lead to frustration, built up mythology and inefficient methods for creating the sounds we want  to produce.”

Even though you cannot see your voice, you hear it and feel it.  Your voice is your finger print and is uniquely yours.   Do imitate other voices as it cannot be sustained over time and this will create problems in your voice as you get older. 

Thank you for reading this blog and look forward to hearing from you. 


Maria Pellicano 

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