We all have an ideal self- a better version of ourselves that we want to be.

We know it exists, but it can be hard to define what the ideal is if you have never thought about it before.

The path to BECOMING OUR IDEAL SELVES is made up by every choice we make in each moment. We all have the power to choose a different ‘us’, who makes better decisions and moves forward and embraces all that life has to offer.

Most people have two versions of themselves; the ‘surface’ version, that we take into the world and this it is who we ‘should’ be, and our ‘core’ self version, the true selves we are meant to and desire to be.

Most people believe that living life on the beach watching sunsets, drinking would be the ideal average day.  This is not the case, in fact doing this every day would make your life unhealthy, unsustainable and boring.  All humans desire  to live a life of contribution, growth and love.  Sitting on a beach all your days would prevent you to do this.  Your ideal average day is after all the holidays are done and also includes the mundane.


“What is my ideal Average Day?

This is the day, that if you were to live it every day, would be healthy for you, sustainable and you’d love to experience.


We are made to experience life, and all it has to offer. Holidays and getaways only sustain us for a short period. Choosing your Ideal Average Day should not be avoiding responsibility and taking long breaks from ‘life’, but rather what moments of experience do you desire to have


The key to becoming your Ideal Self is to firstly identify your ‘Core Self’. I have provided a coaching exercise to get you back to your core by answering some questions- they may be simply answered or it might take you hours.

Next… you go about making your ideal self a reality! This can take 12 months, or several years. The amount of time is not the point. But if you start taking steps now to build your ideal day, you’re committing to becoming the best version of you, you can be.


Every day I make sure I fit in bits and pieces of all the parts of my life. I have many roles and I love all of it.  So my personal and professional life need to come to some sort of balance so I can appreciate it all. I find that my professional life does not feel right when my personal life is out of balance. I have a choice and can be on the cause side of any effect in my life by knowing that I have the ability and capacity to respond to anything that arises.  Responding well  to issues in my personal life helps me organise and pursue my professional life.  I sometimes think of it as an “Ideal average week” , because some of the opportunities like singing for events come up once or twice  a week. Some of the things that are included in my ideal average day is  learning something new  to help me grow and expand my thinking by listening to podcasts or reading,   teaching singers and coaching  clients,  exercise, mediate on the presence of God, family time and social connections.


In this practical series, Join Maria as she coaches you over seven weeks to identify your goals, and actively pursue them.  Once you have clarified your goals you can create your “ideal average day”

In one on one coaching, or in a group workshop discover your strengths, values and defining moments. This is an accessible course that will kick start you into self improvement and personal growth. Enjoy the experience of fulfilling your dreams and becoming the person you want to be!

Please contact ME on details for pricing and availability or checkout my website for other ideas for improving your one and only life.

Love to receive your feedback.  Looking forward to your comments and what you can add to this conversation.

warmest regards

Maria Pellicano