I have been working with singers now for over 20 years.  I have found that many singers who have come to me for singing and performance lessons have lacked confidence.  Their voices may sound wonderful and they may be willing but the lack of confidence has stifled achieving their dream.   Many want to sing but hold back because the feel a lack of courage and personal power to know that they can step up onto a stage and sing the song they have always wanted to sing.


What I have found is that when a singer lacks confidence it will effect how they are perceived on stage and also how the singer feels when they sing.  Some are even singing through strain just to beat the nerves, making their performance an awful experience.   The human body does not ever tell a lie and if you lack the confidence you need when singing then you must work on it as it will effect your vocal tone, no matter how good your vocal technique  is.  Emotions always rule and we are more kinaesthetic than logical.  So even though you know you should be calm and confident when singing your emotions will always over rule what you are going to perform like.


When working with students and speaking clients who want to have more confidence and power when using their voices, I will also use NLP techniques that will help with changing the images and auditory sounds that are unconsciously operating in the mind of the singer or speaker.  Utilising hypnotic language and questions that stimulate the mind to answer unconscious experiences that were learnt at an early age,  that are still continuing to shape the singers lack of confidence experience, I am able to release hidden reasons for the continuing lack of confidence.

Utilising both vocal and NLP technique I am able to help singers have all the confidence they need to have a successful singing performance.   

If you are interested in beating your nerves or the fear of singing on stage or just want to feel even more confident than ever when approaching a performance opportunity I can help you achieve this goal in 3 months.  All I need is for you to play 100% at doing whatever it takes to step up to courage and commit to whatever it takes to make it happen. I will coach you to work through limiting beliefs and programming that has been effecting your current experience.

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Its never too late to start singing. 

When you sing you allow you soul to be free.  

Thank you for reading this blog and I look forward to getting some feedback.

Wishing you a wonderful singing experience.

Maria Pellicano

Vocal Coach/Strategist