Singing promotes HEALTH and WELL-BEING because through melody and music you can release and express your emotions. Research says that when we sing our hearts are healthier.  Check out research here.  

Singing is not good for those who feel they are out of tune or who’s voice feels clogged up.  When you don’t enjoy your singing you avoid it or walk away feeling not good enough and this is brings your energy and well-being down.

Singing well, FEELS GOOD and when you enjoy your singing it creates a sense of FREEDOM and LARGER THAN LIFE VISION.  Singing badly does the opposite because you are not aligned with the TRUTH that music is.  When you sing against pure pitch, you are out of sync and everything inside you says that “its not good”,  this EFFECTS your CONFIDENCE and ultimately it shuts down your expression and no one really ever gets to know you.  When we cannot express ourselves, we feel like we are locked up on the inside and this not only effects our state of being but also effects the depth of personal and business relationships.

When we are free with our expression we are prepared to allow our personality and character to be visible and we are not afraid to leverage our uniqueness to connect and communicate with others authentically.  A trained vocal coach can help you create a strong voice that is in tune with pitch and rhythm helping release your unique expression.

“The only reason to master technique is to be sure the body does not interfere with the soul’s free expression”.La Mere

As a singer you must master vocal technique so that you can use your voice with confidence. Because you cannot hear your own voice, you must get feedback from others when assessing your own voice. Practicing alone, has no feedback so it is not a good idea to just buy a vocal training package and train alone. Correcting bad singing habits from an experienced singer is harder for a vocal coach but it’s alway easier to teach a beginner.  A singing teacher is trained to provide advice and can demonstrate a balanced vocal tone helping you align yourself to the music you want to sing.

Once you have the pitch and rhythm sorted out with regular feedback from an experienced, qualified singing teacher you trust,  you will notice that good singing taps into your soul and allows your expression to shine freely.  As you hear your own voice, whilst singing scales or songs you feel the vibration move through your body and this expand the SENSE OF WHO YOU ARE. When you sing you access deeper aspects of your subconscious mind allowing emotion to be activated. Find out here how The act of singing releases endorphins, the brain’s “feel good” chemicals.

“The voice is the organ of the soul”  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Good singing releases silence and suppression in your voice tonality.  In the ancient times music and songs were used to fight off depression, defeat and fear.  I recall a story in the bible where the skilled musicians and singers were sent out into the battle field even before the warriors.  As the musicians played their instruments and singers sang the battle was won.  Check out history here.  

“Singing helps you see beyond limitations and creates a sense of possibilities”. 

If you are a beginner singer and you have been wanting to sing for a long time don’t hold back and procrastinate because of lack of self belief or distractions like;  “I don’t have the time” or “the money” or “I don’t have a good singing voice”.  You can change your voice with singing lessons from a qualified and dedicated teacher who will help you create the voice that you can be proud of. When you make the decision to finally take some singing lessons you will begin to enjoy the feeling of FREEDOM and POSSIBILITIES.  Though the power of your voice you will be able to express yourself and expand your confidence in life. I have seen countless beginner singers embark on a journey of self discovery just because the  took the courage to work on their voice.   Check out how singing has phycological benefits.


When teaching a new singer, I find that the voice is generally quiet and breathy.  There is resistance in the beginning and a sense of feeling exposed.   As I find the right consonant and vowel, I work with the breath and muscles to release the voice.  With scale patterns and exercises, I begin to create a free sounding projected voice and a balanced tone blending higher and lower frequencies. When a voice is free, balanced and strong you eliminate strain, pain and fatigue and allows free expression.

Try singing today, work with singing coach and allow yourself to be guided and encouraged and know that you have nothing to loose but only gain.  When you find you voice you allow your expression to shine and your personality to be seen.

Even more,  your voice is not just for singing but for declaring and speaking out your message. A song can deliver the message to you and others in a much more powerful way, far greater than just spoken words.  Student and clients I work with end up with a stronger speaking voice when they take up singing.  Its the same voice but it is activated at the highest level when you sing because singing well demands more of you both physically and physiologically.

Find out today how you can use your voice to express yourself with freedom and confidence.  Contact SingOut Singing and Performance School for singing tuition.