I have been teaching for the past twenty years and almost every new enquiry about singing lessons will be asking the question of


Rather than asking what singing techqniue do you teach and what is your experience?,   it seems that most people are more concerned about the cost of a singing lesson.

To me this seems that paying for quality is the last concern and instead its about getting what you want at any cost, even if its low quality.

Do you wish you could sing but don’t know how to get started?  Don’t keep thinking about it…Step out and give it a go… Stop wishing, hoping and dreaming about it. Finding all the reasons why you can’t afford it.  You can begin now!

I remember way back in 1998, when I used to pay $35 for a singing lesson in Melbourne that was EXPENSIVE… Most Singing lesson costs in Melbourne were $20.   I was totally embarrassed to tell some of my friends and family because I was sure they thought it was just too much.

To them the quality and reason was not a priority as it was to me.

At the time I was travelling about 1 hour to get to the teacher I believed had the keys to making me sound amazing and I was willing to pay for it,  whatever the cost.  I was prepared to pay both time and money to achieve my dream and find the right teacher that could solve my need of having an amazing, inspirational voice that was strong and confident.

Cost is not the most important factor when taking singing lessons, it must be about quality, experience and results.

My belief has always been that the price of the lesson or training is not the issue instead it about what I am gaining that is more important.  How effectively I am learning, how much my voice changes and improves,  if I feel that I am not straining and whether I like the sound of my voice.   Now days 2016,  from my experience, singing lessons that cost under $40 for half hour singing lesson are probably going to take longer to get results.  Some students who I teach that have come from other singing schools have a breathy or a real forceful voice.  Even if they say they have been working with the teacher for 3-5 years I notice that their voice is still not as good as it could be.

Watch this video to see how I teach students singing.

The cost of a lesson now days is about $50 – $65 dollars for half hour and $90 – $110 for hour lesson.   You can expect to pay $65-$75 for 45min lesson.

You can also expect this teacher to be a confident, experienced and knowledgable singing teacher who can diagnose your voice type and find the right exercises, scale patterns to balance your voice and give you the vocal range your need to sing with ease and dynamic.

SingOut Singing School in Melbourne offers a variety of ways you can pay for your lessons and the training is result focus.  My students notice a big change in their voices almost on the first lesson and within 3 weeks students I work with  feel completely stronger and have a greater vocal range for confident and powerful singing.

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Thank you for reading this blog and I look forward to your feedback.