“It’s the person with the most flexibility, not necessarily the most power, who is in control.” Unknown


For the past 20 years I have been teaching how to sing in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.  I also have taught many singers and speakers on Skype from all over the world.   One of the things I have noticed that creates a successful singer is the belief systems of the student or client I work with.

“When the student is flexible I can teach more freely and also they will learn quicker and deeper. 

This brings us to our next success principle. In terms of getting the outcome that you want, you have to possess behavioural flexibility. Sufficient behavioural flexibility will allow a change in your actions if they’re not getting the results that you want.


‘What could I do differently?’

So now you know your outcome; the next step is to know your purpose, then to take action. Having sensory acuity will empower you to determine whether the actions you’re taking are giving you the results you want. And if it’s not producing the results you want then you’ve got to have the behavioural flexibility to change your behavior:  find a way to do it differently.  Now, how many times do you change your behaviour? Have a think about the answer to that question.

You have to be willing and able to change your behaviour as many times as it takes to get the result you are looking for.

Uncovering Your Solution


  • What result are you looking for in your vocal training?
  • What actions are you taking to help make it happen?
  • What results are you noticing when you perform?

If they are not the results you want then what do you need to do differently? And it isn’t just what you need to do differently in terms of behavioural flexibility; it could be changing your belief. It could be altering one or more beliefs so that they are more aligned to the result you are looking for.


Uncovering Your Solution

1. What can you change so you can have the outcome you want?

2. How can you make this change?

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