funeral singer

Music makes a way for us to share what is real in life, help people find their purpose, explore their gifts and inner potential. – Maria Pellicano.

 Maria will usually discuss with the family what their favourites are or the best selection of songs that will suit family members and the local priest or minister. Maria liaises with the minister and family member to make sure that the funeral mass or service will flow and everyone is at ease. 

 When Maria sings Italian funeral songs she deeply engages with the traditional ambience of the lyrics and melody bringing a strong sense of Italian culture to the congregation.

 Maria sings traditional liturgical Catholic mass songs and hymns for funerals.

 She is also a worship leader of contemporary Christian music in churches. Maria has a wide selection of Christian music in her repertoire that suits a variety of occasions and is regularly requested to do live performances or lead worship for churches and chapels around Melbourne.


“Hi Maria I just wish to thank you so very much for making my Mother’s funeral such a beautiful one with your lovely voice and heart.

It was nice to meet you and your beautiful voice will give so much to many. Truly a gift from God.”


 “Just a huge thank you for being the cantor at my grandmas funeral.

I wanted there to be a real rich musical sound to give her thanks. This was achieved with the gift of your song, so thank you”

"Rich Musical Sound "

“Dear Maria, From the bottom of my heart thank you for your beautiful singing today.

My mum loved music and she would have been very happy. The wake is now over and everyone remarked how wonderful your singing was.

"From The Bottom Of My Heart"

Maria thank you for your God given talent today.

Your voice pierced hearts and souls and I can’t thank you enough for what you did for a lady who’s grandmother was her world.

Thank you again.


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