Many people fall short of dreams and goals, or even don’t attempt them- because they would rather stay comfortable and within their ‘comfort zone’.

People who have trouble facing uncertainty may:

  • Shut down
  • Withdraw
  • Gives up
  • Stays in a rut
  • Criticise people who have a go

It is important to know that uncertainty is needed for growth and to learn. Facing our fears and doing the thing we are afraid of may create a feeling of uncertainty, but it is also an opportunity to create change in your life.


Uncertainty is about control- it doesn’t feel safe. Humans have a desire to feel safe, it is completely normal. We need to feel safe in the unsafe; feel certain in the uncertainty. Because the external factors are not what effect us and our internal reality, it is the opposite: our inside effects the outside!

Being in a place of uncertainty can also create the opportunity for courage to come. Where fear exists, there can also be the opportunity for courage. Dealing with uncertainty in our lives is a test of strength and character-  we should be able to stand in the midst of it and not be discouraged.

When we grow, we feel happy. We don’t achieve happiness by doing the same old things over and over. If we keep doing the same old thing, we may eventually stop even attempting something new.

“What are you afraid will happen?”


The key to embracing uncertainty is to remember to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone.

Have a go where success is not guaranteed. Be open to wondering about outcomes, instead of needing to know what will happen. There are no certainties in life.

“The pressure from the future eases when we create a wondering world for ourselves.”

Next… take the first step towards a goal and what it would mean to take it. Use the exercise provided below to help you relax when uncertainty comes your way, and as you do this- you will embrace it. The power of small steps!



Today’s challenge is using the power of ‘I wonder’. This challenge is designed to help you embrace uncertainty and ease pressure of the future- which is vital to your success. Watch your language change your thoughts- instead of saying “What if…” replace with “I wonder” for example:


  •  I hope ……      I  wonder
  • I hope this works out I wonder how this will go ?
  • What will happen if you do?    – What won’t happen if you do?
  • What will happen if you don’t?    – What won’t happen if you don’t?
  • I hope he’ll call ….    I wonder if he’ll call

Think about the following questions when you face uncertainty in your life:

Remember to create a wondering world for yourself, you can take ACTION with these few simple thought changes.


I used to think that I should only take a step forward when I had assessed all the risks and counted the cost of something.  Now I have learnt that to wait till “all your ducks are line up” may cost you time.  Time is the most valuable assets in our lives and money cannot pay for it.  The longer I wait to have everything safe and organised the more time I loose.  I can never re-coperate time that is lost waiting.  So I have learnt to say “YES ” to what I know I should and then my HOW works out. Its amazing how things come together when you have finally decided to go ahead.  Holding back because of feeling uncertain when I know in my heart that I should move forward is the most painful experience to have.  To know and not do only produces pain because we all know deep inside that giving something a go always pays back a benefit.

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