Have you ever been to an event where the speaker is able to take you on a journey by connecting with you through the passion you hear in their voice? In this moment you feel completely engaged to the content of their message, you totally trust their authority and knowledge of the subject. Would you like to be able to do that?

You can harness your voice by finding out how to choose your vocal tone for your message which means you will communicate more freely and sound believable to your audience.


Researchers at University of California, Los Angeles are discovering how charismatic public speakers use their voices to dominate, rouse and influence a large audience.   They are finding that successful politicians all share key vocal qualities that strongly affect how people respond to them, independent of the meaning of the words they say or the ideas they express.”

If you’re intrigued – if YOU would like to use the power of your voice to influence the perceptions people have of you AND their reactions to you.    If you’d like to connect with and inspire your audience, as you spread your message more effectively than ever,

I have GREAT news:

The tonal quality of your vocal sound is the result of how you use your vocal tract. Your vocal tract includes your throat and your mouth. Your vocal tract is your unique design. You can control the way your use your throat and mouth to create the voice you want. You are not stuck with the sound you make.

As you build your understanding around what you can do to alter your sound you can achieve a voice you would like to have. When I am coaching someone I am always looking for what is limiting the voice from having its fullest expression.  Eg:  I look for what is keep the jaw stuck, how the mouth is moving, is the throat open, is voice strangled, is the larynx too high/ too low, Is the tongue too tight, or too pulled back, creating a kermit the frog sound.  Are the lips spreading to the side east to west or north to south and many more other elements that contribute to sound . All of these throat and mouth elements effect the overall tonal quality of your voice. Vowels are in every word and they carry frequencies and when they are produced well your voice sounds clear, full and effortless. A lot happens in our throat. Vocal cords are not only used for making sound but also they share three other important survival functions and that is breathing, swallowing and lifting.

Your vocal cords (folds) are located in your throat and protect anything getting into your lungs. The larynx , or voice box is just under your chin and its supported by rings of cartilage at the front of your neck, where they form a bump usually called “The Adams Apple” Males and females have different vocal fold sizes. Adult male voices are usually lower pitched due to longer and thicker folds. The male vocal folds are between 1.75 cm and 2.5 cm in length,[2] while female vocal folds are between 1.25 cm and 1.75 cm in length. The vocal cords of children are much shorter than those of adult males and females. The difference in vocal fold length and thickness between males and females causes a difference in vocal pitch.

Some describe the design and function of the throat as the shape of a trumpet or as the bottle neck of a bottle. It is the tube for resonance and an opening through the mouth for sound to be release through language our speech and songs. Making sound is interpretational and everyone hears sound differently.

What tone and vocal mood works for some will not work for others. You must be flexible in how you use your voice to be able to get different results. In fact you hear your own voice very differently inside your head as to what you actually sound like on the outside. Many people don’t like to hear recordings of their own voice because their voices sound unfamiliar to them. Skull changes the resonance of voice from within and creates more bass therefore your voice sounds different to you as compared to the others. You can change the sound of your voice by understanding more how you can use it to manipulate what you are wanting to achieve with your communication. With skill and understanding of how your voice works you can change your tone, tempo and timbre of your voice when its mixed in well with the emotion

This what I do.  I empower the speakers and singers to use their voice with deeper expression and projection resulting in greater audience influence and impact. Professional voice users are at risk of fatigue and risk loosing their voice as it can become croaky, husky or powerless limiting vocal projection and influence.  I look for the mismatches in voice, message and body language. The voice can have the wrong tone and energy for the message and therefore the presenter may fail to deliver the message to the audience as it is not congruent with content.  I help change the emotion of the voice so that it matches the content of the message and the intention of the presenter. I can provide strategies and solutions to voices that don’t work well by creating personalised vocal exercise that will help improve the voice and give the presenter more choice over their sound. Whether you use your voice on the phone, privately to your friends and family or you intend to sing or speak on a stage, effective voicing is crucial to the successful delivery of your message and you want to only say it once having an impact for a lifetime. So make sure you voice works well first and don’t just focus on content and style. I am here to show you how you can control and create a vocal tone that delivers your message powerfully and clearly enabling your clients to remain engaged and totally influenced by your words. People remember the feelings of our words more than the words themselves so as you develop control over your voice you will have greater influence. As you develop an understanding about your specific authentic vocal tone you will be able to have greater flexibility with what you want to create with the sound of your voice this means that your audience will be able to retain the message greater and stay engaged with you longer.  I will analyse your presentation on videos, podcast and webinars.   You can contact me for a vocal strategy session to find out what we can do together to make you a congruent powerful influencer.