Package 2 - Create Your Goals & Action Plan


Core Identity Exercises

Discover what is important to you and what holds you back from doing what is ideal.

Developing a Vision Board

Learn about what is behind the Law of Attraction, a bit of science

The Wheel of Life

Take a self assessment on the areas of your life your spending most of your time on and discover what do you need more of to have better balanced life.

Defining Moments

Discovering what moments in your life have the greatest impact either in a positive or negative way.

What are your beliefs, Values and Rules

Discover and become more aware of your beliefs that give you a feeling of certainty about what things means. Discover and become more aware of what your values are, what is most important to you and rules about these values.

How do we Communicate, Body Language habits and how we Learn

Representation System Preference test enable you help find out how to effectively communicate and learn

6 Month Self Improvement Plan

Design and put into place a 6 month personal growth plan



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