Package 1 - Becoming Believable On Stage

Developing & Discovering your “Ideal self”

  • Learn about your “surface self” and your “core self” which one are you living?
  • Discover your “Ideal Average Day”

Overcoming Fear

  • Discussing “The wheel of fear” what it is ?
  • Lets do some “Fear Busting” Exercises that create courage

Seeing the bigger picture

  • Get rid of the excuses, face what you need to grow in your life and become aware of what you can improve.
  • Learn how you can take 100% responsibility for your results.

Becoming Healthy Selfish

  • Learn how to make the distinction between who runs your life. Is it you or your tribe?
  • Learn that loving yourself by taking care of your needs will empower you to love others better and more truthfully.

Being generous

  • Discover that when you add value because you enjoy it, people are actually attracted to you naturally.
  • Learn to receive by being generous.

Embracing Uncertainty

  • Learn how the fear of uncertainty will stop you moving forward confidently.
  • Make the distinction of whether uncertainty is holding you back from taking the steps you know you should?


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