Singer always learning.

Stephanie Michelle Barry, is always looking for more and is curious about her life.

How much more she can get out of her one precious life.

She is a life learner,  knowing that there is always more in her voice, performance or in life itself.

She believes in bettering herself and becoming the best version of herself.

She has high confidence,  self esteem and believes that she is even bigger than what she is being, doing and having.

professional singer/ entertainer.

Stephanie Barry Has been singing, performing and training for over 20 years.

She says

“I have to say – HANDS DOWN!”

SingOut School is best in the business!

Maria’s skill and knowledge is world-class” .  She has always been able to sing well,

however, have always had frustrating vocal limitations, so she thought…

In her own words and thank you for a great testimony:

Maria Pellicano teaching is based on Speech Level Singing.

This training exercises your voice to create a balanced, beautiful voice.

Every lesson with Maria Pellicano inspires me, and in stills  a deep confidence in myself and my voice. I can sing any note, and song with ease.

Thankyou Maria – I am so glad i found a teacher as amazing as you!  Heres to the next 10 years.

Stephanie I want you to know its a pleasure working with an ideal student like yourself who appreciates and uses ever bit of what I can offer.

I love our connection and look forward to future developments and how we can connect even more.  Thank you for what you bring to me.

Your Mentor and greatest supporter Maria Pellicano.