I dedicate this to all the singers I have worked with from young to old you are all a gift to me. I have learnt so much.

Here is a poem for you.

A singer sings all the time.  Even if They shouldn’t like after having a sore throat.  And when they can’t it’s like part of your body is missing it’s like you have lost your being, your expression.  A singer who cannot sing will say “Now what should I do?”  “Can I do anything else?”

A singer looks for how they can sing and make a difference in this world. They have a sound that is busting to come out and be acknowledged, even when the voice may not sound good the drive is still deep inside.

Some of our friends and family think we are weird and just trying to be famous others say “you have a message and you must keep going.

A singer chooses their companions!!

They come to a vocal coach and say here I am I don’t know if I can but I know it’s deep in me pls help me put it together and get it out into the world.

Then a singer goes through should I sing even if I don’t get paid?  It’s not mine in the first place, I will give it away and I keep doing this till I have no money to pay for my lessons.

Then the singer either retrieves, becomes depressed and finds a smaller purpose to sing or they stands up and begins to believe more in their Value Much more and ask for more because now they know that it’s a valuable and they want to give it to others only after they have learnt to value it in the first place.

I will work hard and multiply what I have, I will believe and face my fear and laziness and do whatever it takes to take this God given voice and talent out to the world.

I will risk it by changing the melody, write a new one and just become more of me because if I don’t I will die and not grow.

A singers mission is to never give up but to keep finding a way to express the imaginations sound at all costs and they humbly wait for the time when they have learnt the art of evoking emotions in others and then they finally feel that they have arrived and they now call themselves a singer.

Written by Maria Pellicano June 13th 2015