3 secret exercises you can do RIGHT NOW to transform your singing voice

1.   Do you struggle to sing high notes?

Reason 1:

Your voice is too loud or too heavy. We call this vocal load.  You are not eliminating weight in your voice as your ascend into your upper vocal range.


You could use a "Goo" or a lip trill as you ascend on an arpeggio scale.    Male voice starting on piano at  D3 up to G4 & female voice starting on piano at A3 up to D5

What does this exercise do

This exercise will reduce vocal tension and balance the muscle resistance through the passages/bridges in your vocal range. There are different spaces through your range, narrow and wider vibrational channels and you need to handle your voice differently through these spaces.

Reason 2:

You could also not be accessing your head voice.  Everyone has a head voice. Men hardly ever use their head voice when they speak and woman use it most of the time as they speak.


To find your head voice you could do a descending 4 tone arpeggio using a "woof" exercise.   Male voice starting on a piano at F#4 descending arpeggio scale to a F#3 and female voice starting on a piano at C#5 descending arpeggio scale to C#4

What does this exercise do

This exercise allows for access to head voice resonance and helps mix the head voice to middle and chest voice resonance. The Woof exercise allows more air to come through your vocal cords and helps you feel the higher frequencies and then the chest frequency.  It minimises too much vocal load that often is the hinderance to accessing your head voice.

2.   Do you have two separate sounds in your voice, one lower and one upper

Are your afraid of singing higher notes in your song as you will miss the wow factor because it  breaks or falls apart?


There is no connection with your low, middle and head voice.  We call this a disconnected voice as it ascends the vocal range it separates from the chest voice and then sounds breathy and weak, lacking power


You could do a "nei" exercise on a octave repeating the top note three times as you descend. Begin on C# 4 for female voice and for males beginning at F#3.


You could then do a "nei" exercise on an octave arpeggio. Male voice starting on D3 up to G4 & female voice starting on A3 up to D5.

What does this exercise do

Both these exercises help with blending and connecting chest, middle and head voice and bringing the mixing of all registers in the vocal range. It will bring the separate sounding voice together, so that you lower and upper sounds are connected.

3.  Are you struggling to sing low notes

Instead of singing in your chest voice,  your voice sounds breathy and lacks depth and command sound.   It can feel breathy and sound bright and high.


This is mostly an issue with female voice as this voice has trouble engaging in chest voice.  Some are even taking the head voice into the chest voice resonance space, making their chest voice sound breathy.


Doing a Ae tongue sticking out on a piano ascending 4 tone arpeggio.   Male voice starting on piano at D3 up to G4 & female voice starting on A3 up to G4.

What does this exercise do

This exercise will help close your vocal cords and create more resistance in your diaphragm allowing the right breath flow to vocal cords.


Its quite challenging to describe these choices of exercises and patterns I have suggested.   This information ws used in a recent workshop where I did workshop these strategies and students understood the terminology.   If you want clarity please contact me to find out more about the scale patterns and descriptions.  I have recorded audio tracks you can check out and learn more about why the specific logic in using consonants, vowels and scale patterns are stratgically important to reprogram your voice to create the vocal endurance, tonality and control you are looking to have. 


Maria Pellicano is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, Director and founder of SingOut Singing & Performance school. Maria is a qualified mentor vocal coach and certified with the Institute of Vocal Advancement and also a Certified Master Life Coach and NLP Practitioner with The Coaching Institute.    She has developed and assisted professional voice users for the past 20 years, to have the best-sounding voice offering tailored vocal exercises for individual voice type and vocal needs. Maria has delivered more than 10,000 hours of both private and group workshop sessions to singers, teachers, presenters and speakers helping them with authentic voice expression and creative development.  Maria uses a combination of vocal technique and coaching skills in neuro-linguistic programming to help singers  and speakers to develop not only their sound but also a mindset to create vocal freedom and  unique expression that can provoke emotion in audiences.

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