By Victoria Nwankwo


The first thing anybody should do at least a few weeks before they get on stage is prepare what they are about to dish up to the Audience. Often singers say to themselves “my voice is good enough I don’t have to train”. But imagine if a runner said I have a competition next week but I don’t need to train because I’m already good. This will not work for your good in the end, in fact once you get on stage this thinking will just leave room for nerves because you have not prepared.

Preparing yourself to get on stage is not just making your voice sound like gold, it also has a lot to do with your mental state and how confident you are in yourself ask yourself questions like…

1.       Do I feel compatible with this song?

2.       Does this song touch my emotions at all?

3.       Am I thinking of serving the audience when I am on stage?

4.       Am I doing this because I love it or because I want to impress people?

5.       Do I feel good in what I am wearing?


These are just some of the questions that should go through a singer’s head before they go on stage. I’m sure some of you are reading this and thinking why does it matter if I feel good in what I’m wearing but think about it if you were about to go on a special date or to a wedding you would want to make sure you look good and feel confident, well it’s the same when you are on stage.


Another great thing to do is to have an amazing life coach that can help you with being confident in yourself and can help you prepare for events like this. This will really help you if you consider yourself a shy person when it comes to singing in front of others.

Also ask the people around you that you have sung to in the past questions like “do I seem shy when singing in front of you” because you might not notice how your body language when performing a song comes across to other people. If they tell you that you seem shy when your singing or you’re doing things such as looking down or playing with your clothes, and just simply looking like you don’t know what you’re doing while you’re performing it’s probably a good idea to look into getting a performing coach to help you get better with those type of things.

A great performance coach I know is an amazing lady by the name of KJ Rose also known as KJROSEEFFECT even though she lives all the way in American she does online lessons and I will link her website down below.

For me my singing teacher Maria Pellicano has been my performance and life coach and it gas helped me beyond what words can explain. I know that growing up I wasn’t as confident as I am now on stage and I truly think that having a life coach has really helped me prepare and know what to expect when I get on the stage.


It is so important to have an amazing support system around especially when you are on stage a lot. It is also very important to cut people out of your life if they don’t want to see you succeed in being a singer/performer because they will bring you down and make you feel bad about your performance.

But always make sure you keep the people in your life that want to see you do good and want to share all your achievements with the world, this will help you more than you know.

A couple of weeks before you are going to perform make a list of people that you want there, this list can be as big or small as you want. I say this because before you get on stage you often become nervous and sometimes want to back out especially if you’re new at being a performer. But if you have a good group of supporters with you they will reassure you that you are talented, amazing and can rock the stage if you put your mind to it.


This is the last but yet most important step in my opinion. If you don’t believe that you can do something who will?

Before you get on stage remember you are serving the audience with your amazing talent, remember that not many people get to do this so consider yourself blessed.

A few minutes before you get on stage do things that will relax you for example I say a prayer to God thanking him that he has given me this gift and I have a great passion to use it. Other people meditate or just have a few minutes of silence in their own head before they get up on stage.

But whatever happens know that you are loved and even if you do stuff up it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world it just means that you can go and improve yourself even more and that’s something that you should be excited about.

Remember to remain calm and put your all into your performance, instead of looking at the stage and thinking “oh my gosh I can’t do this” think “I can rock this performance and serve the audience with all my heart”.

Anyone who can sing has been given a gift so give it your best shot and never give up just because the road gets tough, see it as a challenge or a test that you will concur.

Thank you, Victoria.

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