Are you procrastinating and scared of singing in front of an audience?  

Just THE THOUGHT of it makes you SICK in the stomach.

Over the past 20 years,  I have taught many singers who are absolutely in FEAR of singing in public,  so I know what you are going through.     Some take years and others just decide to take the action they know they should.  Together we make a difference and the changes begin to happen.

I remember one student who was so fearful of even singing infront of me would have to turn her back when she did her scales with me. Now she is a singer/songwriter, who performs regularly in public and has released 5 original songs.  Check them out here. 

When you are experiencing fear of singing in public,  there are words running around in your head that limit you from experiencing the joy of singing.   Even though your heart says to sing,  you remain paraylized because you are afraid that you are going to look like a fool and everyone is going to just stare and judge you.

You say  “I am going to sound like a broken record or just plain TERRIBLE.”  

I usually say to my singers  “How do you know that?”  they say they don’t,  its just a feeling.

I call this feeling anxiety.  Its the fear of something happening before it actually happens.  It comes when you are too busy focusing on yourself,  that you begin to look for all the reasons why you will be a fool.  Instead of focusing on your audience, it becomes all about you.  The perspective in introverted and its stopping you from enjoying your singing.   You wait and wait till you are better and maybe one day just PERFECT, but this day will never come and time is going by.   You will never get this time back.

Unfortunately having the belief of looking like a fool will cause you grief.  Interestingly ,  your brain will do its best to make that happen.  Whatever you believe is going to happen its your brain’s job to support that.

Its not the fear as much as the fact that it STOPS YOU.   I love the book by Suzane Jeffers “Feel the fear and just do it”  check out the video here. 

So if you want to stop feeling fearful and also getting stuck by it,  I  have a solution that I know will work.   Here are three steps you can take to manage your nerves if you want to sing and enjoy it and STOP FEELING FEAR that paralyse you.


Manage your thinking.  Your thinking shapes your world.  What you think will happen.  I love the book by wayne dyer,  “you’ll see it when you believe it”  Check it out the audio book here.  You must stop thinking thoughts that you don’t want.  When I am afraid I make sure that I am thinking thoughts that don’t make me feel worst.  I reverse the thoughts and only think what I want.  Only ever think about what you want.   It takes discipline and conscious thinking and its possible when you know the power it has.


Breathe deeply:  You need to make sure you are taking deep diaphragmatic breaths because this takes away the tension and lets you body feel peaceful.  Don’t lift your shoulders, direct the airflow to your belly. There are lots of benefits of breathing from your diaphragm. Watch this video and see what happens when you breathe deeply. Put your hand on your stomach and push it out with your inhaled breath.  Deep breathing helps you relax and release tension.


Remove the tension:  You may be constricting your throat by lifting your larynx and one of the ways to release this is by making your voice dopy. What this sounds like is YOGI BEAR’s voice. Make your voice sound hollow and deeper. When you do this your larynx drops slightly and there is more space in your throat. You can over do it and then your voice will not sound very natural but a little helps to remove the squeeze feeling in your throat. Here is an exercise you can do to help you make this vocal quality.  Click here for your exercise.   If would like a diagnosis, you can senme a vocal sample to see if you have understood this exercise properly. Click here to send

You can control your thinking and the physical voice and breathe to manage your nerves on stage.  When you combine your voice, breath and mindset you can begin to enjoy your singing and not be traumatised by such a beautiful gift called “Singing”

To find out more order your book on how you can become focused on using your singing to communicate a powerful message to others.

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Thank you for reading this blog and I look forward to any comments or feedback.  If you are wondering whether you can really sing or just feel stuck and you are holding back and procrastinating please contact me here