“Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. Listen to that inner voice, and don’t get to the end of your life and say, ‘What if my whole life has been wrong?” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer 

1.  Singing helps you feel good.  Many people say that when they sing they feel better. Singing promotes HEALTH and WELL-BEING. Through melody and music you can release and express your emotions. Research says that when we sing our hearts are healthier. Check out research here.  When you sing, you access your emotions and you become aware of feeling the life force in life, rather than just thinking about your life and never feeling it. When you sing you “let go”. You move away from what stresses or occupies, controlls your mind and you start a brand new feeling. Singing helps create a diversion and a good distraction from your regular thinking patterns. It gives your brain a sense of something new and possible. Singing can be magical and therapeutic. When I sing I find myself moving away from the repetitive, mundane of life and just for a moment, all thinking seems to stop and a new sense of freedom begins. I have a break from myself and enter a new space. So just try it. You have nothing to loose, only to gain. Burst out in a song and don’t hesitate. Maybe in the shower, in the garden, as you go for a walk or perhaps around the kitchen. Try it out! You never know what you could find out.You don’t know what you don’t know. 

2.  Singing helps you improve your speaking voice.  When you sing your speaking voice becomes more interesting and engaging. Singing helps you feel emotion and energises you. When you can feel your voice vibration and sense new levels of energy, you will communicate with more enthusiasm bringing your speaking voice to life. Your ability to engage will be easier simply because you a more voice presence. Singing helps you access a broad range of pitch and this makes your speaking voice more interesting and not monotone. To find out more about Business Voice Coaching and Public Speaking Skills check out my work at www.mariapellicano.com.  To increase your voice range and have more variety in your voice, Here is a little vocal tip : When you sing a higher(squeaker) note or section in a song and you feel like it’s “too high”, try making the sound by bending from your waist down to the floor. You will find your voice making the higher pitch with more ease. Your voice will be released and will flow.  Contact me if you want to find out what this means. This movement, tricks your brain to think that sound is lower and accessible. A singer’s or speaker’s worst evil is singing or speaking with a high larynx, reaching and stretching to make the higher pitch and when this happens high note and pitches feel unattainable, strained and you end up with a husky voice. When you sing higher pitched notes you feel your voice vibration in your head and this is euphoric for some people and completely releasing. You feel empowered simply because you are making sounds that you don’t usually do everyday unless you sing. Your speaking voice will become alive and feel empowered and bigger. Give it a try and don’t hesitate.

3.  Singing brings joy to you and others.  When we hear someone singing, even if its casual, a whistle or a quite little song, we feel that the person is relaxed and happy. I feel happy when I hear my daughter or husband just singing in the shower or just around the house. It seems that they are OK and I feel a sense of peace and joy. You may be thinking that your singing voice is painful to others and certainly not joy at all, but I bet you sound better than you think. Most people can sing. From my 20 years of working with singers, I have found that 99% of people can sing. They may not know how to sing well or have not been taught with great technqiue or perhaps you have just had a negative experience. A good vocal coach can help you find your voice with ease and help you succeed in creating a good voice.  Personally I had a lot of problems as a singer until I met Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing Founder, who helped me understand how to use my voice better. I was able to now sing songs I could never sing before and my vocal range increased by 2 octaves. Lets say at least 16 notes higher. Check out Speech Level Singing Technique and see how it solves many voice issues.  If you are hesitating to sing, you are possibly afraid of finding out that you are not good enough which scares you the most. We all fear of “not being good enough”. This has nothing to do with singing but your belief system that keeps you small and wants you to play a smaller game in life. I encourage you to give it a go. Singing has always been associated with joy and fun. That why we have music and karaoke at parties. We consider music entertaining and joyful. If you are concerned that you may sound terrible then just take a few lessons and find out more about your voice, get some tips , some exercises, practice and you will notice an immediate change to how you feel Click here to find out more about taking lessons. 

If you are not really into singing but love to SPEAK,  then your voice is just as important as any singer.  You can improve the quality and strength by expanding your voice pitch and improving the tonality of your voice.  Audiences like to listen to an interesting voice and can easily become bored with a monotone voice.  Find out more about Business Voice Coaching here. Find out today what you can do to improve your level of communication by aligning your voice so that it’s powerful and authentic.   You can purchase my book which outlines deeper aspects of what makes your voice work.  When we align our thinking and message then a voice can be empowered. Click Here to purchase the Ebook or here to purchase the Hard Copy. Thank you for reading this blog, wishing you a voice that is freely heard and expressed. I look forward to hearing back from you.  Please leave your comments below.