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SingOut™ Singing and Performance school adds more than good singing lessons to the singer. We want to feel that we go all the way with what can be possible for singers and performers and take it as far as the student is willing to go. It does depend on the help and input of other experts who are also passionate about this purpose.

I would like to Introduce these wonderful musicians, teachers and assistants all of which are passionate about helping others become all that they can. Each of these team members are genuinely interested about being part of a bigger picture and give their best to invest their talents and skill in someone else.

Meet the SingOut™ Band

Ashley Berry - Bass Player
Having grown up in a very musical family, Ashley has developed his musical abilities through his years at St Helena Secondary College, and as such was awarded the College Music Captain.

Through playing in a range of ensembles Ashley has been learning and growing through various genres of music. Since then he has been playing Bass guitar for the past 5 years whilst also teaching bass to a range of students.

Steve Pellicano - Drummer
Steve has been playing drums for the past 20 years he has supported Maria Pellicano at public and private venues, festivals and functions in Australia and Internationally.

He has regularly performed for contemporary worship church music at various churches in Melbourne and is currently drumming at City Life Whittlesea. Steve also plays percussions and didgeridoo.

Aleks Rovvi - Producer | Engineer 

 Producer from Double R Records Aleks Rovvi, has extensive training in Music                Production, Recording and Songwriting. Aleks has been producing music since the age of  14 and is  well-rounded with multiple genres and styles. As well as his friendly nature,    Aleks can offer you a new start to your Musical Journey and a fun and humbling  experience.  Aleks has recorded most of the tracks on Maria Pellicano sound cloud and   produces songs and records vocals for singes at SingOut Singing and Performance School

Kingsley Berry - Piano Player
Kingsley has been a musician for most of his life. He plays keyboard as a Soloist, in Piano/Singer Duo's and in Band Settings. Kingsley currently plays for wedding and church bands most weekends.

He provides piano accompaniment for solo singers at Weddings and Receptions. Kingsley has been Maria Pellicano’s pianist for any function or event for the past 10 years.

Kerry Mitchell - Guitarist
Kerry Mitchell is a guitarist specialising in Jazz amongst a range of other styles such as Rock, Classical, Blues, and Country. He fronts his own group called the “Kerry Mitchell Quartet” that plays a selection of Jazz standards as well as Kerry’s own compositions.

He has played with leading musicians such as Kate Cebrano, James Morrison, Fred Wesley, Joe Chindamo, Jamie Oehlers, Graeme Lyall, and Darryl Somers. Kerry has completed a Bachelor of Music (Jazz) at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

Kerry teaches students that begin as young as prep through to adults. His students range from beginners to advanced and cover a diversity of musical backgrounds and interests. Visit for more information.

Barry Findlay - Sound and Lighting Engineer

Barry is the sound engineer for SingOut singing and performance school and is the director of A Audio sound. He also helps us with lighting and effects. He is well recognized in the industry as an expert in his field and has many reviews of fantastic sound. Barry has worked with the school for over 4 years and has alway been professional, reliable and delivers a quality sound for our events. He is aware and experienced with the different stages of student’s performances and with his latest sound equipment Barry is able to make the softer singer sound confident and powerful and the powerful, stronger singer sound balanced and clear.


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