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Success MindSet Principals for Singers (Part 2)

Compelling Success Principals to Live By

Part 2

In this ebook I have expressed some success principals that you can apply to your singing aspiration, whether it’s to improve your motivation in practice and training or help you with procrastination and fear.

To help you apply this information I have included sections called “Uncovering  Your Solution”  where you can ponder and answer some questions or do some brainstorming that will help you move closer to what can be the best version of yourself.   I can assure you that if you begin to apply these principals you will notice personal empowerment that will give you even more confidence and certainty in the quality of sound and purpose of your voice.




1.   Have a Goal/Know Your Outcome

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”   Benjamin Franklin

Having a goal and a plan is to know what you want, to know what you’re aiming for,; asking yourself “what is my outcome?” So many people live their lives just going about getting the results they’re already getting - they take whatever comes to them. So if it’s a good day then it’s a good day, if bad stuff happens then it’s a bad day.  They have no mastery over the results that they’re getting, and it kind of just happens to them.

If you want to be the master of your own destiny, if you want to be in control of the results that you’re getting - you need to have a really clear goal. You have got to build your dreams first, and then make sure those dreams become reality by aiming for them. Not just day to day, going about your life hoping for the best, but thinking “What intent do I have for myself today, what am I actually aiming to achieve?” Start by making clear goals in specific areas of your life, like your performance achievements, the details that would account for an outstanding day.


Uncovering Your Solution

Ask yourself what do I need to do today to really improve on the results of yesterday?

You have to know your outcome. In life we tend to get what we focus on.  To the extent that if you’re focused on a problem, that’s the outcome you’re going to get: if you focus on a problem you will get the problem.

So, I’m kind of curious what’s going to happen if you start to shift your focus to an outcome that you want? You have to empower yourself to create that.

A few areas you could use this technique:

  • 1.   Practice
  • 2.   Organising your gigs
  • 3.   Standing on stage and engaging with your audience
  • 4.   Your general personal life or in relationships

It doesn’t matter where you apply it, the universal rule is that if you know your outcome and you move your focus to your outcome then you will improve your results.

Remember that you’re not going to get better results immediately, it’s not going to happen just like that. It will take you a few of times for you to persist, and we will take a closer look at that. But it’s going to give you a better opportunity to get the results you’re looking for if you know the results you’re looking for rather than just accepting whatever shows up.

On a Personal Note

When I began SingOut singing and performance school, I painted a picture for myself that was larger than I thought would ever become true. That vision included being able to have an outstanding life and career about which I was passionate, running a business that also gave me the opportunity to be with my family and do the things in my life that have meaning and heart for me. I had a to-do list that was about 5 pages long full of all the different things that I needed to deal with.

Now I could have felt overwhelmed, or bogged down focusing at once on all these different things that had to happen or I could have focused on the outcome that I wanted. I organised my do to list in order of most important to least, I chose to focus on the outcome and the results I wanted, and that is what has really accelerated the results that I have achieved now.  I took one day at a time, put my feelings aside and just go on with ticking off my list of action from most important to least and built my confidence as I noticed my outcomes being achieved.

Are you a singer who feels like you are going round in circles and not progressing?

We can work on creating your goals and action plan to make you step up and become the singer you know you can be.  

Click on this link and organise an intensive vocal session.  

Thank you for reading this blog and I look forward to sharing Part 3 with you soon.



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