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For Voice Quality (this is the sound itself, independently of words or emotions)

• Breathiness - not enough vocal fold adductions, vocal cords are coming together very loosely, causing the volume and projection to be not enough. edge/breathiness - adduction/abduction of vocal folds.
• Pressed Phonation (edgy)- “throat speaking” uses a lot of internal muscles (intrinsic) sometimes for adduction and in some cases lots of the external muscles (exintrinsic) check for tiredness/hoarseness due to vocal misuse
• Maniupulated larynx - may reflect on twang/nasality as the larynx is high or if the larynx is low it reflects a “dark” phonation which makes the sound muffled.
• color - use of resonators given by natural cavities plus the clients choice of vowels
• Pitch - vocal fold tension given by length or thickness- pitch does effect “voice quality
• Vocal Expression - does the expression fit the topic
• Pace- Variation of Rates used on the delivery
• Volume - general volume of the presentation
• Pauses - Cessation of speech with “artistic” condition
• Inflections - a vocal movement or slide of the voice either upwards or downwards while speaking. eg: “are you coming today?” (upward) this is incomplete as a-posed to “I will see you today” (downward) (command) this is a complete and over. Inflection are important in delivering the right message.

“Vocal Expression” (does the expression fit the topic) (para-linguistics)

1. lack of articulation - will effect not only delivery but also Vocal Resonance/tone
2. Speaking Pace/Rate discrepancy - too fast may interfere with articulation and delivery of emotions. Different jobs require different paces.
3. No dynamics- Volume always at one level, effects emotions and also can cause vocal problems, if speaking too loud or too breathy constantly at the same level.
4. Undefined Inflections- Wrong inflections can deliver wrong messages.
5. Not using Pause- Not pausing correctly will affect the delivery of emotions in a txt.

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