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Are you a leader who lacks vocal energy and sounds boring or struggles to be heard clearly? Or are you a speaker and you have been told you are too soft or too loud, perhaps you are sounding or feel too demanding or too shallow? Do you want to start speaking with more power and influence? Do you want to sound more persuasive and make more sales?

If you're any of the above, then the Harness Your Voice Speaking Tonality coaching program is just for you.

People will always remember the feeling of what you said rather than the words themselves. I help people change their vocal tone. When you change your vocal tone you can have better impact and influence on audiences and conversations.

In coaching sessions I use a combination of vocal technique and human behaviour knowledge and experience to help speakers develop not only their vocal tone but also a mindset to create vocal freedom and unique expression that can provoke emotion in audiences through the delivery of their message.

If you want to have more influence, make more sales and sound more certain, this is all about vocal tone. For the voice of leadership and influence I help change your speaking voice to create better relationships in negotiations and communication and for sales and results I can help you develop a voice that is filled with certainty and confidence for stronger sales and results.


Where Do I Start?

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I would like to offer a complimentary vocal strategy session to work out what can make you an even stronger passionate leader. Your voice is the key to your ability to influence. Audiences are evoked by the passion in a credible tonality. Find out more about the gaps and solutions to becoming an even more convincing communicators, speaker and negotiator by changing vocal patterns that limit you.



Topics can include:

  • Improving Self-Esteem and Certainty.
  • Maximising Sound and Quality of your Speaking Voice.
  • Intentional Body Language for Presenting confidently. 
  • Identifying, Planning and Setting Goals.
  • Effective Strategies for Achieving your Ideal Life.
  • Principals for Effective Leadership skills.
  • Effective Communication and Rapport building skills.
  • Overcoming Overwhelm and Stress.
  • How to deal with fears,  procrastination and self sabotage.
  • Developing time management skills. 
  • Building stronger relationships in your career, family and life itself. 

Improve your speaking voice control with 6 areas that impact tonality and projection.  


Exercises and demonstrations that improved voice muscles in your throat, mouth & breathing.   By repeating specific exercises tailored for your vocal type, you will develop a balance vocal tone making  you sound professional and at ease, giving you greater confidence and power for any speaking engagement.


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