SingOut Assistant Teachers


Elizabeth Carr

Elizabeth is a veteran at SingOut.  In the last 5 years Elizabeth has been mentored to develop her singing teaching skills. Her passion is Musical Theatre and she is actively involved in community theatre, with some of her stage credits being 'Mrs Pugh' ('Annie'), 'Jack's Mother' (Into the Woods) and 'French Taunter/Lead Minstrel' (Spamalot).

In her other life, Elizabeth is a primary school teacher and runs her school choir. She loves working with singers who share her passion for the stage, and using her skills to draw the performer out of every singer


Christine Tarquinio

Christine first came to be involved in the singing school as a student in 2003. In that time she has gained much experience as a singer, songwriter, guitar player and performer.

She has taken up all opportunities that the school has to offer in allowing her to develop and grow as a performer by participating in Performance Evenings, Concerts and recently performing in two of the schools Showcase Events. She also spent much 2007-08 performing in the Enzo Marrassi Duo across many Italian Clubs across Melbourne and various wedding venues.

In 2008 Christine made the progression to become a part of the SingOut™ team and has commenced as an Assistant Teacher. In this time she has been mentored by Maria Pellicano which has allowed Christine to share her own unique perspective with students of all levels, in the application of vocal technique, as well as developing performance of students particularly in the use of instruments within performance.

Christine continues to develop and train with her vocals under the guidance of Maria and participates in many workshops as they offered to further extend her knowledge.

In addition Christine provides her own unique style of songwriting and encourages many students to take up the playing of an instrument to compliment the journey of singing.

Early in 2014 saw the release of Christine’s first original recording. Her Single “Didn’t Even Try” was released in April and is available on ITunes



 Stephanie Barry 

Melbourne born singer Stephanie Barry began singing, acting and dancing at the tender age of 3 years old.  Stephanie has worked with Maria Pellicano for the past 5 years. She has completed an advanced diploma in Music Performance.  Stephanie has found that through teaching singers this could be  one way she can use her gift and pass on the experience she has gained to others.  Stephanie particularly loves to teach children.    As well as teaching singing Stephanie entertains every weekend at restaurants, bars and nightclubs and has became a seasoned performer.  Stephanie is a versatile and experienced singer feeling most at home on stage, and is very passionate about musicals, acting and travelling abroad for to extend her musical  career.  



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