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At SingOut School Melbourne we focus on developing good vocal technique and this is the most important aspect to vocal lessons.

A singing school in Melbourne without focus on technique is not a safe place for singers.

This singing school Melbourne provides also the opportunities to perform in front of live audiences. Both ticketed events and community free events.

SingOut singing school Melbourne prides itself on practical ways of bringing singers to the stage, by developing confidence and repertoire that suits the singer’s unique voice and personality.

At SingOut singing school both singers and speakers can experience benefits for greater vocal health and longevity and production.

My personal story in other singing schools Melbourne

After many years of going to another singing school in Melbourne, I was left with a voice that was fatigued and lacked vocal range. I looked everywhere to find a singing school Melbourne that could help me have a healthy, strong voice so that I could sing my contemporary and pop opera songs with no strain.

After training and learning to be a singing teacher with Seth Riggs I learnt to apply good vocal technique. After a while I began to teach this vocal technique called Speech Level Singing.

This was a singing school that was focused on training the voice to sound beautiful and powerful in an effortless way. The organisation then went through a separation and after several years of working directly with Seth Riggs, I moved to the Institute of Vocal Advancement where I have continued to be trained by master instructors that understood this technique and were interested in creating a Singing School that would provide the latest vocal advancements from around the world.

In 2002 I decided to set up my own Singing School Melbourne, to share and provide the vocal technique that I knew would enable singers to have the vocal tone they wanted with no vocal damage or strain. SingOut singing school Melbourne helps singers sing well, effortlessly and also have performance opportunities. SingOut singing school melbourne is a singing school that provides opportunities for singers to sing on platforms and stages creates not only quality singers but also gives singers the confidence to create the experience necessary for entertaining audiences.

When you finish your training with SingOut singing school Melbourne you will find that your voice is sounding amazing, you have a great vocal range, and understanding of how to take care of your voice. Also this singing school in Melbourne will give you lots of experience of live performance that will strengthen your confidence in your personal presence not only as a singer but also in speaking, interview and in general life itself.

Lessons at SingOut singing school Melbourne

Maria Pellicano and other teachers who work at this singing school help to teach students at the School. Watch this video to find out more about the lessons conducted in this Singing School Melbourne.

Live Performances at SingOut Singing School Melbourne 

SingOut Singing School Melbourne show casing two fantastic sisters who are longstanding singers at our SingOut Singing School Melbourne

Introducing Natasha Emsovska 15 years old singing “Signed Sealed Delivered”

And Elena Emsovska 13 years old singing “Clown”

Steven De Petro singing “A Man Without Love” trained with the SingOut Singing School Melbourne

Here are some photos of singers performing at SingOut

Singing School Melbourne

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